Compensations & Unemployment Support



In November 2006, His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, King of Bahrain, and issued Decree Law No. 78 of 2006 on unemployment insurance.


His Majesty's movement was based on Article No.5, paragraph (c) of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain, which stipulates that the State shall guarantee the necessary social security for citizens in the event of old age, sickness, incapacity for work, orphanage, widowhood or unemployment, as well as activating Article No. 1 (paragraph 4) of the Social Insurance Law promulgated by Decree-Law No.24of 1976, moreover, completing the social safety system and strengthening and expanding the social protection network for citizens.


The unemployment insurance system seeks to provide reassurance to every worker and job seeker by providing financial support during the period of downtime, and using all modern techniques and means with a qualified management team working in a team spirit, in order to achieve and improve the quality to meet the needs and aspirations of senior management and auditors.


The unemployment insurance notice is to enable every job-seeker to live at a decent standard of living during his / her downtime.


Breakdown Insurance Law

Breakdown Insurance Law (78) 2006

Breakdown Insurance Law (4) 2019

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Registration and Evaluation Section:

  1. Registration of dismissed persons in the compensation system.
  2. Registration of the repeated claims for a unemployment benefit
  3. Request data from third parties.
  4. Receiving reviewers and responding to their inquiries.
  5. Study the cases of dismissal and introduction of electronic system.
  6. Receive grievances for reviewers wishing to appeal against non-entitlement to benefit or compensation.
  7. Giving introductory lectures related to the law of unemployment insurance.

Insurance Payments and Claims Audit Section:


The section checks the claims in relation to the subsidy and compensation on a monthly basis and ensures that all legal standards are met and the benefit and Final Downtime compensation lists are issued. As well as, the department also coordinates with the General Organization for Social Insurance to disburse unemployment benefits through monthly lists sent to the Authority.


Receivables Follow - up Section:


  1. Follow up and report on the grievances referred by the Registration and Evaluation Section to the Grievance Committee.
  2. Following up on individual cases received by the department, of whom have been suspended or dropped their right to benefit or compensation after studying their situation in the system and checking the documents submitted by job-seekers.
  3. Respond to citizens' written complaints to senior management or received by the media.
  4. Following up the implementation of the recommendations of the Grievance Committee.


Contact phone numbers: 17873994 – 17873971