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The concept of volunteer work is broad and cannot be limited to a specific definition. However, it can be described as all charitable work performed by people in all fields free of charge.


Moreover, it is a national service that aims at protecting countries and people from danger. In some countries, like Switzerland, volunteer work is obligatory for people between the ages of 20 to 60 years who do not meet military conditions.



Importance of volunteer work:


  1. Volunteers have a chance to get closely involved in social needs and issues as well as to understand people’s suffering and to appreciate their needs.
  2. It contributes to forming the personalities of youth and makes them feel comfortable and satisfied after providing services.
  3. It provides youth with an active role and gives them the opportunity to participate with formal agencies in drawing up development policies for their society by determining social priorities.
  4. It paves the way for youth to develop their capacities, enrich their character and improve their practical abilities.
  5. It assists youth to develop self-confidence as they learn to overcome their difficulties on their own. They gain the ability to solve their problems so that they develop a sense of loyalty to society and the capacity to assume responsibilities which serve society.


Volunteering and development


If societies depend only on governmental institutions to establish development programs, there will be no development due to routine and other factors. It is well known that the major contribution to the development of actual participation is the personal incentive of the volunteer, so that development efforts can achieve successful results. 


Challenges of volunteer work:


The causes of failure in volunteer work include people granting priority to their personal aims regardless of service to society. This is a basic problem that may affect volunteer work everywhere as well as financial support. Volunteer work requires support, without which no volunteer work may succeed, yet not all volunteer work enjoys sufficient support.


Volunteer work mechanisms in the Rehabilitation centre:


  • We receive volunteers and identify their capacities, nature of previous or current work and previous experience.
  • They are introduced to targeted categories and the nature of the disability.
  • They are registered by completing the volunteer form including service applicant information such as: full name, educational level, volunteer number of days, volunteer hours/day, approval of volunteer conditions … etc
  • The application form, with a copy of ID and passport and a note concerning the place of volunteer work, are sent to the Social Rehabilitation Department for study and reply.
  •  The volunteer receives a certificate of thanks and a gift at the end of the volunteer period.




  1. Publishing the importance of volunteer work via many media outlets such as television or newspapers or by inviting people and residents to visit any association or institution.
  2. Providing awareness lectures for school students as well as university students regarding volunteer work (students of Social Services).
  3. Communicating with volunteers through social participation.
  4. Establishing a volunteer centre including many programs. The program should provide training and lectures for Rehabilitation.
  5. Honouring volunteers.











































































































































































































































































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