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With MOLSD online services, all personal and social information collected will be used solely as stated on this page with safe and secure information handling.

Social Assistance ServiceSocial Assistance Service

This service provides citizens of Bahrain with the ability to apply for a social assistance and enquire their application. Social assistance provided for needy families, families of prisoners, widows, divorcees, elderly, handicap and orphans. The citizen has to submit all the required information and attachments and will receive a reference number. After investigation, Ministry of Social Assistance (MOSD) will then either approve or reject the request. Please note that the service is in Arabic only.

Financial SupportFinancial Support

Citizens can inquire and register for the financial support service online. The f-Support is one of the high uptake services with over 200,000 unique visits on the site and over 86,000 people registered for the financial support.

You can visit the e-forms link to download online PDF forms for other services.

Process Re-engineering

Stemming form the pivots of social development and the programmes associated with it, MOLSD has established a specific implementation methodology that is based on a number of essential transitions in its major duties. Applying Process Re-engineering has improve the processes and ministrys service delivery capabilities. Financial support service, for instance, was one of the manual routine services which now is automated and available online. It helped 40.000 citizens to register online for the service.


















































































































































































































































































































































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