Family Guidance


The family guidance units, affiliated to the community Centres, provide their different services and programs to harmonize and fulfil the needs of the Bahraini family members. They help develop the skills of positive and effective communication among family members, and help them solve and address their psychological and social problems.





Decision 26 of 2017 on the conditions and procedures for licensing family counseling center
licensing form for establishment and operation of family counseling centers
Family Consultation Office


Objectives of family guidance units:

  1. Strengthen the sense of belonging and citizenship, and maintain the originality stemming from the values, customs and traditions of the Bahraini society.
  2. Endeavour to prepare family members to cope with the nature of life with all available means in order to get rid of the difficulties and concerns they face.
  3. Help family members to achieve understanding, get rid of tension, solve disputes among themselves, get rid of anxiety, and achieve convergence, harmony and tolerance.
  4. Assist in solving the problems faced by family members and aspire to create an interdependent family atmosphere.
  5. Prepare young people and those about to get married in a manner that can reduce marital problems and build a happy home.
  6. Equip parents with positive trends to be followed in upbringing their children.


Provision of individual and collective family psychological guidance:


This service can be accessed through the following steps:


-   Attend or call to make an appointment with a psychological specialist.

-   Make an appointment with a psychological specialist at the Centre.

-   Open up a guidance file.

-  Receive the service by attending the interview after which further future interviews are   

   determined according to the case, and then case study and diagnosis are conducted.


The family guidance offices are available in the following Centres:

  • Hamad Town Community Centre
  • Ibn Khuldoon Community Centre
  • Abdulla Bin Yousif Fakhro Community Centre


The Ministry and community development Centres, in cooperation and participation with all concerned establishments (e.g. schools, social institutions, societies, universities, ministries, governorates, municipal councils, and media institutions), provide precautionary and developmental guidance programmes through organizing and delivering lectures, seminars and workshops inside and outside community development Centres, and which are held by the Family Guidance Department.



























































































































































































































































































































































































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