Social Assistance

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The Ministry of Labour & Social Development receives applications submitted by families and individuals and studies their cases in cooperation with community Centres.


Click here for information on the criteria and conditions of applying and qualifying for social assistance




Provision of Financial Aids


Financial aids are provided through the Department of Social Assistance by following the procedures listed below:

  1. Filling up the application form of social assistance and enclosing the required documents therewith.
  2. Submitting the application form to any of the community Centres spread across the Kingdom.
  3. The case will be studied and a report will be prepared according to the form designed for this purpose.
  4. The application will be examined by the Deciding Committee for the eligibility of social assistance applications
  5. Registering the bank account of the beneficiaries or their representatives.


The aids are paid out starting from the 15th day of every month to the beneficiaries’ accounts in different local banks.


Financial Support


BD 50 to every family whose income does not exceed BD 1000. Eligibility Conditions of High Cost of Living Allowance


Fire Cases Compensation


Compensation can be offered in fire cases through the Department of Social Assistance by following the procedures listed below.

  1. Filling up the application form of fire compensation and submitting all the relevant documents.
  2. A field visit will be made to the fire site to ascertain the extent of damages resulting from it.
  3. A report will be made on the fire magnitude and the resulting damages.
  4. The report will be submitted to the Department of Finance at the Ministry to take the necessary procedures to pay the compensation amount.


Reduction of Electricity and Water Fees


The Department of Social Assistance submits a list of the names of those who benefit from the social assistance to the Ministry of Electricity and Water to take whatever is necessary in respect of including those families within the Noble Gesture of reducing the fees of electricity and water.



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