Financial Support




Required documents:

  • Original identity cards of all the members of the dwelling.
  • The applicant’s bank account number (IBAN).

Documents required according to professional or social status or by category:

  • Salary statement of any working member of the dwelling.
  • Retirement statement, if any, of any member of the dwelling.


It is not required to present a salary statement or retirement statement in case the applicant knows his or other member’s amount of salary or pension. The salary statement is required only in case there is no social insurance for the applicant or any member of the family with the Social Insurance Organization.


  1. Custody judgment if the applicant is a divorced person.
  2.  hariah inheritance (the spouse’s inheritance, if any).
  3. Court’s judgment regarding maintenance for the deserted woman.
  4. Death certificate of one or both parents or parents’ divorce certificate (in the case of an unmarried daughter).
  5. Parents’ divorce certificate, mother’s death certificate, or the certificate of father’s marriage to another woman (in the case of a boy).
  6. Statement from the Ministry of Interior indicating that the head of the family is imprisoned (in the case of a prisoner’s family).
  7. A medical report proving incapacity for work (in the case of a person unable to work).
  8. Father's death certificate or the adoption judgment (in the case of someone of unknown parents).
  9. A medical report proving disability (in the case of a disabled person).




























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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