Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)



The Kingdom of Bahrain has shown uniqueness in its social work policy with respect to the implementation of a set of world recommendations and directives adopted and supported by NGOs in the Kingdom. This stems from the belief of the growing role that can be played by the different social stakeholders in developing communities and their needs so as to find a place for them in the march of development. Consequently, the Ministry of Labour & Social Development took many encouraging steps to double the impact of NGOs through increasing coordination among them and provide them with facilities options to execute their activities in a way that contributes to achieving their objectives. Besides, the Ministry is very keen to engage the NGOs and voluntary institutions in all seminars, conferences and workshops organized by the Ministry and which contribute undoubtedly to developing the abilities of members in these NGOs and institutions. The Ministry strives to achieve this out of its belief that these NGOs represent the third economic and social power along with the public and private sectors, that such power has an effective role in addressing social problems in general, and that these NGOs are an integral part of the civil society organizations that have a growing role as a result of the rapid social and economic changes in the world.