Salwa Club for Disabled





Complementing the role of rehabilitation and social submitted in rehabilitation centers of government and private  the Ministry of Labour & Social Development Club has established Salwa Club for Disabled spotted in some social centers as a first stage, through the integration of persons with disabilities who wish to continue to develop their abilities and to exploit their free time in the clubs in the morning after they graduate from rehabilitation centers.


Budget of the club:

The Ministry of Labour & Social Development has assigned annuall budget for disabled clubes and  to provide transportation for the participants in the club to ensure the success of the experiment and remove potential obstacles to benefit from the activities of the club.




Activities ranging from computer programs for beginners and advanced use of the Internet by the ability and willingness, and crafts diverse, including lessons recycle waste, and packaging of gifts and art works and other works of entertaining, as well as the program of "play, recreation and sports therapeutic" with specialist remedial learning and sports, to be trained to adapt and fitness to raise the skills acquired and positive energies for people with intellectual disabilities medium and moderate as possible.



استمارة التسجيل في نادي سلوة لذوي الإعاقة

استمارة تعهد ولي الأمر بالالتزام بأنظمة النادي

استمارة تعهد ولي الأمر لخدمة المواصلات

استبيان قياس رضى المستفيد











































































































































































































































































































































































































































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