Summary of Services

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 childhood Services

        - Bahrain Science Centre

        - Children and Youth Club

        - Child Helpline 998

        - Child Protection Centre

        - Boys Welfare Home

        - Child Welfare Home (Betelco Home)

        - Family Fostering Committee

        - Foster Care Program


 Family services

        - Committee for Evaluating Victims of Human Trafficking

        - Dar AL-Aman Home

        - “Dar Al Karama” Homeless and Beggars Shelter

 Disabled Services

        - Disability ID Card

        - Disabled Services Centre

        - BBK Rehabilitation Center

        - NBB Rehabilitation Home For Disabled Children

        - Academic and Vocational Rehabilitation Center

        - Disabled Child Day Care Centre

        - Al Matrook Conductive Rehabilitation Centre

        - Abdulla Bin Kanoo Disability Diagnosis & Evaluation Center

        - Comprehensive Disability Complex

        - Shaikhan Al Farsi Comprehensive Speech Centre

Elderly Services

        - UCO Elderly Day Care (Civil)

        - Almanar Elderly Day Care (Civil)

        - Muharraq Elderly Day Care

        - Buri Elderly Day Care (Civil)

        - Sitra Elderly Day Care

        - Um Al-Hassam Elderly Day Care (Civil)

        - Bahrain Elderly Day Care (Civil)

        - Abdulla Bin Yousif Fakhro Parents Club

        - AbdulRahman Bin Jassim Kanoo Parents Club

        - Durrat AlRiffa Senior Social Club

        - Moharraq Social Welfare Center

        - National Bank of Bahrain Elderly Home

NGO's Services

Community Service Centers

Community Partnership Program






























































































































































































































































































































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