eGovernment Initiatives


The Ministry of Labour & Social Development aims to develop technological mechanisms and means that use the state-of-the-art technology, communication network systems, and electronic digital connection of the Ministry portal’s systems in order to contribute to developing the e-Government project in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The importance of cooperation and taking the initiative with respect to the e-Government project is attributable to the development that can be witnessed in all current governmental activities, procedures and transactions, simplifying and qualitatively transferring them from the old frameworks to advanced electronic frameworks.


MLSD members for eGovernment initiatives



HE. Jameel Bin Mohammed Ali Hamaidan - Labour & Social Development Minister

"The initiatives launched by the Ministry of Labour & Social Development in the area of e-Government contribute to the provision of distinct social services to users, and at the same time increase the efficiency of the Ministry's performance. On the other hand, the services provided by the Ministry via its portal and e-Government portal can be offered round the clock."




Rashid Mohamed Nour Al Madani - Director of Information Systems

"Moving into e-Services is not limited to building an outstanding informative electronic interface, but rather to adapt the latest technology to establish a strong information structure through which services can be automated and integrated electronically with other relative governmental institutions."
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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