Vision and Mission


Our Vision:

Global standard labour and social services to achieve sustainable development.

Our Mission:

Provide special labour and social services for users through programs, initiatives and inputs by local professional experts to ensure sustainability, fairness and competition compatible with Bahrain's Vision 2030.

Our Values:


  1. Teamwork: work in a team spirit and exchange expertise and knowledge.
  2. Creativity:  take the initiative to create new methods and mechanisms.
  3. Transparency: perform the functions accurately, clearly and expeditiously in a professional manner.
  4. Communication: maintain effective coordination among all individuals and partners inside and outside the Ministry.
  5. Belonging: develop a sense of belonging and loyalty to the Ministry in order to improve performance.
  6. Distinction: The Ministry of Labour & Social Development to be the most distinctive authority in functional performance.
  7. Coherence: Protect society from negative social problems and phenomena and enhance family coherence to achieve social security.
  8. Enablement: economically and socially for all categories of society to enhance sustainable and competitive values.
  9. Impartiality: Both the public and private sectors will maintain transparency in the application of laws and in providing support for eligible categories.
  10. Involvement: Involve three social sectors (Government, NGO and businesses) in promoting social responsibility to achieve sustainable development.






































































































































































































































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