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The Ministry of Labour and Social Development strives to realize its vision and objectives, through its responsibility to carry out the following tasks:
1- Contribute to the strengthening of economic and social development by developing and motivating the national labour force, enhancing its productivity and guaranteeing its rights.
2- Contributing in developing the national labour force by strengthening the vocational training sector in order to:
      -Increasing the levels of performance efficiency of the national workforce. 
     -Providing employment opportunities and promotion for national employment, in addition to raising their self-competitiveness to expatriate

     -Strengthening the Kingdom of Bahrain's position as a regional centre for training and human resources development.
3- Regulating the labour market by monitoring applications of legislation and regulations.
4- Providing appropriate and decent job opportunities for job seekers.
5- Providing training opportunities for job seekers and workers in the private sector.  
6- Providing career counseling for students and job seekers.  
7- Providing unemployment insurance (benefits and compensation) and studying the cases for treatment.
8- Developing training and rehabilitation as a prerequisite to meet the needs of the labour market.
9- Amicable and consensual settlement of labour disputes (individual and collective), as well as fostering the spirit of dialogue and social partnership.
10- Ensuring the proper implementation of labour laws and regulations and cooperation with Arab and international bodies in this field.
11-Ensuring the application of occupational health and safety requirements and conducting periodic inspection to ensure the correctness of application.
12- Providing programs to improve wages and job benefits in the private sector with a view to achieving the required attractiveness for job seekers.

13- Providing advisory services to employers and workers regarding rights and duties and in relation to the national applicable legislations.
14- Supporting the employers, in addition providing services and facilities to increase productivity and enhance competitiveness.
15- Issuing official licenses and certificates as follows:
     - Employment confirmation certificate for Bahrainis in the private sector (approved by the Public Authority for Social Insurance).
     - Bahrainization certificate (approved in the bidding system).
     -  Establishment of licenses and operationalization of private vocational training institutes.
16- Conducting surveys and field studies to prepare and modify the professional description.
17- Monthly and quarterly labour reports and studies must be prepared and published a in addition to providing them with the necessary labour statistics on the numbers of the official Bahraini workforce in the private sector, the employment rates, the number of trainees on the job, the budgets of training contributions, the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of graduates and dropouts, the quality of programs, the requirements of the labour market, the unemployment rates and the numbers of persons entitled to unemployment insurance. Trade unions, labour disputes and other studies and statistics.



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