Employment in the Ministry of Labour and Social Development means, first and foremost, studying the needs of the labour market and seeking to provide national labour.

The Ministry aims to provide suitable employment opportunities for Bahraini citizens in a manner that ensures the right of continuous and rewarding work for them. 


Resolution No. (84) of 2019 on determining the jobs in which pregnant women are prohibited from working

Resolution No. (85) of  2019 on determining the conditions, works and occasions in which women may not be employed at night

Vacancy offer application form (click to download the file)

Job Seeker Registration Form (Click Here)




Strategic Tasks:


  1. Studying the needs of the labour market and striving to provide qualified national labour to be integrated into the local labour market.
  2. Preparing statistics, studies and field research related to the labour market.
  3. Coordinating with local, Arab and international institutions and organizations regarding labour market variables.
  4. Monitoring and studying the negative phenomena in the labour market in order to find solutions and radical remedies.


Issuing Work Licenses:


The Department of Work Licensing is responsible for issuing and renewing work permits for the recruitment of domestic workers, in accordance with specific criteria for recruitment. As for the entry of expatriate workers into the country, this is done in coordination with the General Directorate of Nationality, Passports and Residence.


Employers' Services:



  • Developing a general strategy for the department and enhancing cooperation between the Ministry and employers in the private sector.
  • Feeding the bank of vacant positions at the Employment services office through collecting vacancies that attract national labour, via requests for pledges linked to the Labour Market Regulatory Authority and regular requests for employers' needs.
  • Marketing for specific training courses and specializations in coordination with the Labour Services Office.




1.      Issuing Bahrainization certificates.

2.      Promotion of job vacancies.


Issuing Bahrainization certificates:


Service Delivery Location:


- Business Owner Services, Incoming Calls (Phone).


Address:Ministry of Labour and Social Development (Isa Town) from 8 a.m. to 1 pm.


Required Documents:

  1. Fill out the Bahrainization certificate application form.
  2. A Copy of valid commercial registration in Arabic.
  3. All documents and information in the application must be correct and the applicant is responsible for it.

Working Mechanism:

  1. Receive incoming calls through the Call Centre.
  2. Email the vacancies offer application form.
  3. Submitting the form through the personal presence of the department or e-mail it.


Common questions:


1.How can I get a Bahrainization certificate?


     An employer can apply for a Bahrainization certificate if he wishes to apply for government tenders, through 

     the review of the Employers Services Section at the Ministry’s building.

     Note: Bahrainization certificate is issued only to the establishments that have achieved the required



2. What are the procedures required to issue a certificate?

- Fill out / complete the application form for obtaining the Bahrainization certificate with the establishment stamp.

- Attach a copy of the commercial register.

- Sign an acknowledgment that the employer is committed to and cooperates with the Labour Services Section.


3.     How long does it take to issue Bahrainization certificate?

The maximum period for issuing Bahraini certificates is two working days.


4. What is the validity of the Bahrainization certificate?

Six months from issuance date.


5.     What are the fees for issuing Bahrainization certificate?

There is no fee to issue a Bahrainization certificate.


Labour Services:

The Labour Services Office was inaugurated in July 1996 by His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, the Prime Minister, to reflect the Kingdom's continued policy of developing services to its citizens in the field of job creation, and an actual translation of the Kingdom's trends in the development of the labour market in order to achieve the development of national manpower and integrate them into various jobs in the private sector.
The office is responsible for recruiting national job-seekers in the private sector institutions. This is achieved through the harmonization of job opportunities in this sector with job seekers. The Office relies heavily on vocational guidance and coordination with the Human Resources Departments in private institutions and with the Job Seekers Training Section in coordination with the Labour Fund (Tamkeen), in order to provide job-seekers with the skills necessary for the various jobs required by the private sector.


The most important office services are:


· Job Seeker Registration

· Preliminary Program Evaluation

· Nomination and recruitment.

· Placement of the National and Gulf Labour


Employment Guidance Center Unit (Job-Seeker Registration):


The Labour Services Office is concerned with registration of job-seekers.

1. A Bahraini citizen or of GCC countries.
2. Confirming the data in the registration form e.g. personal data, address, phone number, qualification, and experience and training courses.

3. Ensure that the registration requirements apply:
1)     Applicant must not be registered in insurances.
2)     Applicant must not have a commercial register.
3)     Applicant must not be retired.
4)     Applicant must not be a student at school.
5)     applicant must not be less than 15 years old and not more than 60 years old.

Job Seeker Registration Form (Click Here)



*Required Documents:


Fill out the registration form and attach the following documents:

1. Copy of valid passport.

2. CPR and a valid copy of it.

3. Recent photo.

4. Copy of the certificate of completion of all graduation requirements.

5. If the applicant was a university graduate or private universities or outside Bahrain, please attach the attestations.

6. A statement of total overall from the university or school in case of school drop-out/ school leaving.

7. Bank Account Number (IBAN).


Introductory Program (Business Ethics):


It includes the main themes (labour services, work ethics, CV preparation, job interview, Labour Law). These themes are essential in the process of hiring job-seekers, as well as, the services are offered by the Unemployment Insurance Department and the Training Department.


Employment Guides:


Individual Interviews:

  1. Interview job-seekers registered with the Labour Services Office.
  2. Examine the list of names referred from the Career Guidance Centre.
  3. Examine the job-seekers file (qualification, experience, and evaluation).
  4. Examine the vacancies and match them with the applicants, in order to choose the suitable job.
  5. View the suitable job.
  6. Document the interview in the system.
  7. Before nominating for any job, counsellors must contact the company to confirm the vacancy, date and place of interview.
  8. Following-up the nomination with the employer to know the result (rejecting, rejected, and accepted).

Collective nominations:

  1. Coordinate with companies that wish to employ a large number of researchers (be in the Ministry’s building or external centres and sometimes the company’s premises).
  2. Advertise vacancies in the Ministry and at all employment centres.
  3. Make contact with the job-seekers according to the jobs offered for the interview.


Job-Seekers Service:


The Labour Services Office follows up with job-seekers and who are looking for suitable jobs in case they want to work in the private sector.


Vacancy Center and Monitoring and Verification Unit:


Vacancy Centre, Monitoring & Verification Unit is concerned with introducing the vacancy in the system, and verifying the salary, so that the salary is not less than BD300 for high school, BD350 for a diploma and BD400 for a bachelor’s degree, and that the vacancy is suitable for job seekers.


Follow-up, Planning and Reporting Unit:


It plays the role in monitoring the progress of the vacancy movement, and the extent of the employee's commitment to the nomination and follow-up and then employment and closure of the vacancy. It also prepares work progress reports and prepares of researchers and the movement of employment.


Guidance and Direction:


It is a team dedicated to vocational Guidance and Direction for all levels, preparing lectures and workshops for job-seekers registered at the Labour Services Office, in addition to students at all levels of education in coordination with the Ministry of Education. It also participates in the Career Day Exhibition at the University of Bahrain and private universities.


Employment and training centers in the governorates of the Kingdom:


Objectives of establishing employment centers:


  1. Expanding the geographical scope to serve the increasing the number of unemployed, job seekers and new entrants to the labour market, and access the Ministry's services to citizens in their areas of residence.
  2. Increasing the effectiveness of the main section and assist it in providing employment and training services for job seekers.
  3. Implementing a training and employment programs and strengthen cooperation with private sector and civil society institutions.
  4. Implementing vocational guidance and counseling programs for the unemployed in the Centre.
  5. Inventory of vacancies in the Centre area.

There is an electronic link between the main office in the Ministry (Labour Services Office) and the external centres.



Employment and training centers affiliated to the Ministry of Labour Sector distributed in the governorates of the Kingdom:

The main center for employment and training


Sitra Center for Employment and Training


Capital Employment & Training Center


Northern Center for Employment and Training


Hamad Town Center for Recruitment & Training 17428500
Muharraq Recruitment & Training Center 17873818
Southern Employment & Training Center




Request for Recruitment of National Manpower:



Terms/conditions of Employment:

  1. Enter the application electronically through the system of the General Authority for Social Insurance.
  2. The employee must be between 15 - 59 years old, according to the labour law.
  3. That the employee is not insured in the Social Insurance Organization.
  4. Part-time work for females registered as job seekers in the Employment Services Section, retirees or students only, and that the working hours are not less than 4 hours.
  5. He/she must actually work with the employer before applying for employment fixation at the Ministry of Labour and Social Development.

Required Documents:


  1. A copy of the employment contract signed by both parties and stamped with the organization seal.
  2. Copy of the valid smart card or resignation from the previous Organization.
  3. Copy of the last educational qualification for non-registered in the Ministry of Labour and Social Development.
  4. For GCC Nationals, providing a statement from the responsible authority in its country (the Social Insurance Authority) stating that it is not currently registered with the State, providing proof of his residence in the Kingdom and using the country's identification number when registering.


Procedures required to stabilizing national manpower:

  1. Data entry in the system of the General Authority for Social Insurance.
  2. Give an appointment to the Ministry of Labour and Social Development.
  3. Interview it at the Ministry of Labour and Social Development and verifying all his procedures to be approved.
  4. In case the application is approved, it must be insured by the Public Authority for Social Insurance.

Important Notes:

  1. The employee's salary must be within the minimum average wage recognized in the Labour market.
  2. Applications that do not accept registration in the Public Authority for Social Insurance are registered manually by completing the attached form, then printing a statement to the Public Authority for Social Insurance after interviewing the employee.
  3. An appointment to meet the employee is scheduled immediately after the application is registered in the system, in case the employee fails to attend for more than 10 days, the application must  be cancelled due to non-attendance.

Studies and research:-

  • Monitoring and analyzing labour market trends by providing data and statistics and conducting analytical studies describing the labour market situation, analyzing wage and employment structures, and distributing the labour force by professions and economic activities.
  • Studying ways and means of operating the national workforce and introducing and implementing the labour market information systems.
  • The focal point between the Ministry and the local, Gulf, Arab and international bodies and organizations regarding the provision of data and statistics and any new developments related to the modernization of occupational and economic classification.

*This section provides services to the departments and sections of the Ministry in the Labour and Social Development only and does not provide services to citizens.