Compensations & Unemployment Support



In November 2006, His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, King of the Kingdom of Bahrain issued Decree-Law No. (78) of 2006 regarding insurance against unemployment Law No. (4) of 2019 was issued amending some provisions of Decree-Law No. (78) of 2006 regarding insurance against unemployment.

This step of His Majesty the King was based on Article (5) Paragraph (C) of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bahrain, which states: “the State shall guarantee the necessary social security for citizens in the event of old age, sickness, incapacity to work, orphan-hood, widowhood or unemployment,” as well as activating Article (1) (Paragraph 4) of the social insurance law promulgated by Decree Law No. (24) of 1976. This is in addition to completing the social safety system and strengthening and expanding the social protection network for citizens.



Enabling every job seeker to live an adequate standard of living during his/her unemployment period.



The unemployment insurance system aims to:-

  • Protecting the unemployed from destitution and poverty.
  • Avoiding the negative effects of the unemployment problem.
  • Completing the social safety system.
  • Activating the constitutional right to social insurance.

The  Message:

The unemployment insurance system seeks to provide reassurance for every worker and job seeker who is looking for serious work by providing financial support during the unemployment period. This is done by using all modern technologies and means with the presence of a qualified administrative staff working in the spirit of one team, to achieve and improve quality in a way that meets the needs and aspirations of the top management and public.

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Unemployment Insurance Act

Decree-Law No. (78) of 2006 concerning unemployment insurance

Law No. (4) of 2019 amending some provisions of Decree Law No. (78) of 2006 concerning unemployment insurance

Application form to take advantage of unemployment insurance

Application form to take advantage of unemployment insurance (recurring claims)

Compensations & Unemployment Support form 1
Compensations & Unemployment Support form 2

Application form for changing the bank account number

Grievance form



Contact phone numbers: 17873621 – 17873994



Registration and Evaluation Section:

  1. Registration of dismissed persons in the compensation system.
  2. Registration of the repeated claims for unemployment benefit
  3. Request data from third parties.
  4. Receiving reviewers and responding to their inquiries.
  5. Study the cases of dismissal and entering them electronically.
  6. Receive grievances from reviewers who wish to appeal against non-entitlement to benefit or compensation.
  7. Giving introductory lectures related to the law of unemployment insurance.

Insurance Payments and Claims Audit Section:


The department checks the claims in relation to the subsidy and compensation on a monthly basis and ensures that all legal standards are met and the benefit and final downtime compensation lists are issued. The department also coordinates with the General Organization for Social Insurance to disburse unemployment benefits via monthly lists sent to it.


Receivables Follow - up Section:


  1. Follow up and report on the grievances referred by the Registration and Evaluation Section to the Grievance Committee.
  2. Following up on individual cases received by the department about those who have been suspended or dropped their right to the benefit or compensation after studying their situation in the system and checking the documents submitted by job-seekers.
  3. Respond to citizens' written complaints to senior management or received by the media.
  4. Following up the implementation of the recommendations of the Grievance Committee.

Categories covered by unemployment insurance:

  1. Civil employees working for the government who are covered by the insurance provisions for work injuries in accordance with the provisions of the law on regulating pensions and retirement benefits for government employees
  2. Private sector workers who are covered by the insurance provisions for work injuries in accordance with the provisions of the social insurance law.
  3. Job-seekers for the first time. 


Types of unemployment insurance benefits:

First: Benefit entitlement:

Entitlement: It is the amount that the job seeker is entitled to for the first time, or the insured, who did not complete the period prescribed for eligibility for compensation in the event of any of them breaking down, according to the conditions mentioned in the law.


Conditions for unemployment benefit payment:

  1. Unemployment benefit must be paid according to the following conditions:
  2. Has to be a Bahraini citizen.
  3. Must be at least eighteen years old.
  4. He/she must not engage in a commercial or professional business for their own account.
  5. Has the ability to work.
  6. Has the willingness to work.
  7. Must be seriously looking for work.
  8. He/she has not reached the legal retirement age.
  9. He/she must have successfully completed the scheduled training.

Unemployment Benefit Amount:

The job-seekers receive unemployment benefit according to the previous conditions, at an average of BD200 per month for holders of a bachelor’s degree, whereas, the unemployment benefit for holders of less than scientific degrees reaches BD150 per month.
The unemployment benefit is paid for a maximum period of up to nine months.


Second: Entitlement to Compensation:

Compensation: It is the amount that the insured is entitled to in the event of his/her unemployment after paying subscriptions for a period of no less than (12) continuous months, in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the law.
The insured person seeking a work is entitled to benefit from the unemployment insurance by receiving unemployment compensation,


which agree with the following:

  1. That the period of his/her participation in the unemployment insurance is not less than 12 consecutive months, in case of a first time entitlement.
  2. Has the ability to work.
  3. Has the willingness to work.
  4. Must be seriously looking for work.
  5. He/she has not resigned voluntarily.
  6. He/she has not reached the legal retirement age.
  7. He/she has not been dismissed for disciplinary reasons.
  8. To enroll in training programs if the ministry decides it is necessary.

Amount of compensation:


Unemployment compensation is disbursed on a monthly basis at the rate of 60% of the insured's wage based on the average of his monthly wage during the 12 months preceding his unemployment.


 -    Maximum breakdown compensation: The maximum unemployment compensation should not exceed BD1000 per month, taking into account the need to review this limit periodically according to the approved consumer price index (CPI).


-    Minimum unemployment compensation: The minimum unemployment compensation must not be less than BD200 per month, or the average monthly wage of the insured during the 12 months prior to his/her unemployment, whichever is less, and the compensation is paid for a maximum period of nine months.


Suspension of Unemployment Insurance Benefit:

The unemployment benefit or compensation is suspended for the following reasons:-


  • Non-compliance with administrative instructions.
  • Unwillingness to work.
  • Not looking for work seriously.
  • Not attending the training scheduled by the office.

Loss of right to claim compensation or benefit:-


The right of a benefit or compensation is forfeited when:

  1. Refusal to work after the Ministry has provided him/her with two suitable job opportunities.
  2. The beneficiary joins an insured job. The payment of unemployment compensation or aid shall be suspended from the date of his/her assumption of work
  3. If an unemployed person carries out a commercial or professional work for his own account
  4. If the unemployed person submits a claim for the payment of compensation or aid by fraud or fraud.
  5. If the unemployed person is entitled to a pension equal to or more than the amount of compensation or aid.
  6. If the unemployed person does not initiate a request to register his/her name with the office within three months from the date of the termination of the work relationship in the event of a claim for compensation and in the event of a claim for assistance within three months from the date of completing the prescribed training period.
  7. If the residency of the unemployed expat worker in the Kingdom becomes illegal in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.
  8. If the unemployed expat worker leaves the Kingdom permanently