National Commission for Childhood






The National Commission for Childhood has been re-formed by virtue of the Council of Ministers’ Decision No. 46 of 2007. This comes to confirm the importance given by the Kingdom of Bahrain to the issues of childhood, and expresses its desire to develop and promote the aspects of overall care provided to children.



The National Strategy for Childhood

The National Childhood Strategy Action Plan

Resolution No. "28" of 2018 to reconstitute the National Committee for Childhood


General Objective:


To work on developing childhood educationally, culturally and psychologically in all age stages, and undertake all relative activities and matters.


Tasks and Functions:

  • Develop a national strategy for childhood to help bodies concerned with childhood develop and promote the projects and programs that serve and guarantee children’s rights.
  • Strive to provide legislative protection for childhood in all fields.
  • Coordinate between the various government organs and civil institutions to achieve integration and avoid duplicity in their areas of competence.
  • Seek to strengthen ties and relations with all civil bodies concerned with childhood in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Monitor and study children's problems and basic needs, and propose appropriate solutions, including the submission of suitable recommendations to the competent authorities in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Cooperate with Arab and international organizations and agencies working in the field of childhood and benefit from their experience and programs to achieve the desired goals.
  • work to establish  a detailed database for all that is related to childhood in the Kingdom of Bahrain and follow up the process of updating it constantly in coordination with all the concerned governmental and non-governmental bodies.


The Executive Office of the National Committee for Childhood:

The Executive Office's terms of reference:


  1. Follow up the decisions and recommendations of the National Committee.
  2. Determine the national bank or banks at which the National Commission’s funds are deposited.
  3. Study the reports submitted by the permanent or temporary sub-committees and work teams, as well as,  submitting the necessary suggestions and recommendations thereon to the National Committee.
  4. Take decisions in urgent matters in consultation with the Chairman of the National Committee, provided they must be presented to the Commission at its first subsequent meeting.
  5. Dispose of the National Committee funds within the limits specified by the committee’s financial policies and procedures. As for the amounts in excess of the set limits, therefore, the approval of the Chairman of the National Committee must be obtained.
  6. Propose the amendment of the rules and regulations governing the works of the National Commission and reports submitted by the permanent and temporary sub-committees and work teams.
  7. Propose and follow up the conduction of studies and research on children.
  8. Propose the necessary programs and activities in the field of childhood.
  9. Consider any other issues that fall in the jurisdiction of the Office as well as any urgent matters.
  10. Undertake works assigned to the Office by the High Commission.

The most important achievements of the National Committee for Childhood:

  • Preparing the national strategy for childhood.
  • Contributing to the suggestions and reviews related to the Child Law, which was issued by Royal Decree of 2012.
  • Preparing the CRC “Report of the Kingdom of Bahrain on the Convention on the Rights of the Child” (Combined Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Periodic Report).

Members of the National Childhood Committee:


Mr. Jameel bin Mohammad Ali Humaidan, Minister of Labour & Social Development, chairs the National Committee for Childhood with the membership of:-


Mr. Khaled Abdul Rahman Ishaq

For the Ministry of Labour and Social Development - Vice-President of the National Childhood Committee


Sheikha Aisha bint Ali Al Khalifa

For the Ministry of Labour and Social Development


Colonel Mona Ali Abdul Rahim

For the Ministry of Interior


Mrs. Iman Faisal Janahi

For the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs


Attorney General Amina Issa Mubarak

For the Public Prosecution


Mrs. Mai Hassan Al-Asmi

For the Ministry of Labour and Social Development


Mr. Khaled Mahmoud Al-Saeedi

For the Ministry of Education


Mrs. Rana Ahmed Khalifa Ahmed

For The Supreme Council for Women


Mrs. Fatima Abdullah Fares Al-Dhaen

For the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Sheikha Dr. Noora Bint Khalifa Al Khalifa

For the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments


Mr. Amer Sameh Al-Khuffash

For the Ministry of Information Affairs


Dr. Ishraq Abdul Aziz Al-Amer

For the Ministry of Health


Dr. Sheikha Ahmed Abdullah Al-Junaid

For the University of Bahrain


Mrs. Fawzia Mahrous Al-Mahroos

For the Bahraini Society for Childhood Development


Mrs. Manal Ali Qutb Al-Awadi

For Child Security Association















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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