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The Youth and Children Club, affiliated to the Ministry of Labour & Social Development, is one of the distinguished activities that stem from a scientific vision that looks forward to the future. The Club organizes a number of activities and programs that harmonize with the interests of children and youngsters, support their physical, psychological, environmental and social needs, and equip them with technical skills in the fields of computing, scientific discovery and innovation.






Age Groups:


Age groups of both sexes "females and males" have been divided into three levels as follows:

Level I: from 7 to 10 years.

Level II: from 11 to 14 years.

Level III: from 15 to 18 years.


This is in addition to the Mad Science program which targets the age group (6-8 years) of both sexes





The main objectives of the Youth and Children Club include:

  1. Implant national cultural identity of children and youngsters out of their belonging to the Arab Islamic culture.
  2. Provide an appropriate environment for the development of children’s and youngsters’ personality, work to sharpen their literary, artistic and scientific talents, and facilitate their integration into the community to be active members in it.
  3. Stimulate the elements of scientific and creative critical thinking among children and youngsters through observation, dialogue and freedom of expression with regard to the creative potential and talents they have.
  4. Develop social sense and raise the value of teamwork and volunteerism.
  5. Encourage spontaneous expression and individual and group creativities and link them to civil society.
  6. Foster conscience and refine public taste in a manner what stresses good behaviours as a springboard for everyday dealings between individuals and groups.
  7. Provide a minimum level of intellectual and social protection for the members of the Youth and Children Club, by filling the space existing in their thoughts, deeds and time.

Activities and Programs:


The Club offers a number of activities and programs compatible with the interests of children and youth, and which fulfil their physical, psychological, environmental and social needs of these categories through developing different skills including:

  • Technical skills in computing, scientific discovery and innovation.
  • Human development and social skills, including personality building, sense of leadership, professional and health guidance, and life skills.
  • Technical and creative skills, including theatrical performance, music, creative writing, media, photography and writing skills.
  • Group skills developed through camps, workshops and festivals.


Clubs’ Activities:


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Youth and Children Club at:

  1. Isa Town Community Centre
  2. Hamad Town Community Centre
  3. Sitra Community Centre
  4. Muharraq Community Centre
  5. Sharifa Alawadhi Child & Youth Club












































































































































































































































































































































































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