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Sharifa Alawadhi Youth and Children Club


Building 376 - Road 1912 - Block 919

Eastern Riffa

Tel.: 17003211




The project comes within a series of initiatives and projects that the Ministry of Labour and Social Development seeks to implement in order to align it with the global trends calling for the development and protection of children and ensuring their rights. In addition, the project comes in line with the Kingdom of Bahrain's endeavour to upgrade and develop areas of childhood which will positively reflect on their lives and their families and achieve sustainable development through active participation based on equality and respect.

The Ministry of Labour and Social Development has extended its thanks to Mr. Shaikhan Al Farsi, his wife Mrs. Sharifa Al Awadhi and his son Mr. Abdul Rahman Shaikhan Al Farsi for their continued support for development and social projects in general, and projects implemented by the Ministry of Human Rights and Social Development in particular. Further, the Ministry emphasizes that the remarkable support and sponsorship offered by the Shaikhan family for the community partnership projects reflect a noble value existing in this family that shows responsibility for and interest in the projects implemented in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This prominent, praiseworthy family provides generous support for these projects due to the fact that they view such projects as a means to contribute to building a strong generation in the Gulf area. This generation represents an entity comprising all the population of this area and forms an umbrella giving shade to the peoples through the support of their leaders for whom we show loyalty, devotion and love. 


Sharifa Alawadhi Youth and Children Club, affiliated to the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, is the newest and largest of its kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain on the level of Youth and Children Clubs spread across different geographical locations in the Kingdom. This makes this facility a central and comprehensive club due to the cultural, educational, social and recreational services it provides at the hands of specialists in various fields. Whereas, the club is the place that provides a distinctive development service for children and young people to enable them to realize their full potential and energies as productive individuals with a sense of responsibility through providing high quality experiences and activities that are consistent with their interests and participation with children and other young people, It provides a physical, intellectual, artistic and scientific environment suitable for all abilities, as well as the club builds a link with civil society institutions and bodies and organizations working in the childhood field for the benefit of club members.




The Club was established on land owned by the municipality of the southern region,. The total land area is 9088 square meters, as well as the Club occupies an area of 2288.02 square meters. The total cost of implementing the project was about two million Bahraini dinars.  
The prominent  Shaikhan Alfarsi guaranteed to establish the Club’s building out of his keenness to implement development projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Thus, the Club stands as a living example of effective community partnership between the public sector and private sector with the aim of developing community.
The Club’s building consists of two storeys. The first floor contains the reception and children registration section, presentations and celebrations hall, spacious sports hall, swimming pool, cafeteria, kids club, and nitro hall. The second floor contains more than (7) units, including the Fine Art Unit, the Origami Unit, the Popular Mental Games Unit, the Robotics Unit, Faith Boards, Computer Lab, Science Unit, , and others. This is in addition to the mezzanine floor which will be used to activate Taekwondo programs
The Club features multiple facilities specifically designed in a manner that motivates children and youngsters to show creativity and excellence in their lives. Moreover, the Club is equipped with several facilities for different kinds of sports and a kid theatre, in addition to sections designed for the arts, a visual and audio library for children, mental games and a public relations department. .








In addition to the Sharifa Al-Awadi Club for children and young people, summer activities were presented in 4 clubs for children and young people distributed over social centres, namely:

1 Children and Youth Club, Hamad Town Centres.
2.Children and Youth Club, Muharraq Social Centres.
3.Children and Youth Club at Sitra Social Centres.
4.Children and Youth Club at Abdullah Bin Youssef Fakhro Social Centres.


Children and youth club activities:-

The club carries out a number of activities and programs that are compatible with the interests of children and young people, which supports the physical, psychological, environmental and social needs of this group by developing various skills among them.

  • Technical skills in the fields of computers, scientific exploration and innovation.
  • Human development skills and social skills, including character building, leadership, career guidance, health and life skills.
  • Artistic and creative skills such as arts, drawing, and theatre.
  • Group skills through camps, workshops and festivals.
















































































































































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