List of nurseries licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development

New Nursery Registration form

Annual educational statistical data form for 2020- 2019

Resolution No. 11 of 2014 on establishing a nursery

The system of standards, specifications and conditions for the nursery, facilities and jobs in 2014



Nurseries: Defines the category of children that can be supported from one month until before four years old.

The overall objective: Is to provide an appropriate environment for the comprehensive care and care of children, in a reassuring family atmosphere.

Nurseries Licenses: A license, registration and opening of a nursery can be requested by submitting an application in the records system of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism by providing the following:-

  1. Review Resolution No. 11 of 2014 regarding the establishment of nurseries.
  2. Review the system of standards, specifications and conditions for nurseries, as well as its facilities and jobs.
  3. Message to the director of the Family and Childhood Development Department.
  4. Fill out the nursery licensing application form with the following documents:  


1. A copy of the applicant’s academic certificate.

2. If the applicant does not have the required qualifications in order to administer the nursery, it must attach the documents of the director to be requested later (please refer to the system for details).

3. A copy of the smart card.

4. Economic feasibility.

5.Suggested building maps.

6.  An account statement of ten (10) thousand dinars.

-  Preparing the building after the approval of the municipalities according to the criteria and conditions for nurseries set forth in the system.


  1. Granting licenses to open new nurseries.
  2. Granting licenses renewal certificates to nurseries.
  3. Periodic inspection visits to nurseries.
  4. Inspection visits to nurseries.
  5. Control the activities of unlicensed nurseries and take the necessary measures in this regard.
  6. Take the necessary measures to assign the nursery license.
  7. Take the necessary measures to close the nursery (temporary closure / permanent closure).

Request to register and open a nursery:

  • Fill out a form to register and open a nursery.
  • Receive the decision to establish the nursery.
  • Receive the system for establishing the nursery.





















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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