Parent Homes


The homes were established to provide care, health, social, psychological, recreational and educational services for the elderly in the midst of residential neighborhoods, and to keep them close to their families and social environment, in order to enhance the positive psychological feeling and deepen communication between them and members of society. These homes are like day clubs for the elderly and are distributed in all governorates of the Kingdom.

These homes are managed by NGOs, charitable funds, and private institutions, which are licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development and which, supports them technically.

UCO Elderly Day Care AlManar Elderly Day Care Muharraq Elderly Day Care

Buri Elderly Day Care Sitra Elderly Day Care Um AlHassam Elderly Day Care

Bahrain Parents Care Home Durrat AlRiffa Senior Social Club Abdulla Fakhro Parents Club
AbdulRahman Bin Jassim Kanoo Parents Club    





  1. Create a psychological and social atmosphere for the elderly in the vicinity of their community.
  2. Helping the elderly to communicate with members of their community and integrate them into their social surroundings.
  3. Provide privacy for the elderly and taking into account they are not isolated at the special shelters.
  4. Providing social, psychological, health and recreational care for the elderly.
  5. Providing care for elderly people whose family circumstances do not allow them to provide for their needs.
  6. Implementing and developing appropriate rehabilitation programs for the elderly in order to benefit from their capabilities and potential.

Project beneficiaries: Elderly men and women.


Services provided by the shelter house:

  1. Psychological, social, recreational and rehabilitative services to keep the elderly within the vicinity of society in a way that enhances their mental reassurance.
  2. Communication between all segments of the community by enhancing interpersonal bonding through visits, external tours and various gatherings.
  3. Health services, including physiotherapy services and movement programs for the elderly whose health condition requires it.
  4. Practicing handicrafts and hobbies to utilize their leisure times and encourage the elderly to naturally restore their motor skills and depend on themselves.

Conditions for establishment:

1.    Submit an application to the Ministry of Labour and Social Development with the following attachments:
              -    The license and documents supporting the application.
              -    Statement of the specific amount and source of funding for the home.
              -    Name of the director responsible for all technical, administrative and supervisory work in the home.
2.    The application shall be entered with serial numbers;
3.    Renew the license every two years (once an application submitted to the Ministry) and make sure to do so at least two months before its expiration.


Conditions for opening a shelter home:


  1. The building must be independent according to the standards of elderly services and meet the occupational health and safety requirements approved by the competent authorities.
  2. Determine purpose of establishing the home.
  3. Provide administrative and technical staff.
  4. Prepare work requirements at the shelter from transportation services to other privileges.

Contact Numbers:  

Elderly Care Department

Tel:  17101876
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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