Granting Program Guide of Parent Homes


The Ministry of Labour and Social Development is seeking to launch its renewal initiatives in order to highlight its developmental vision regarding the investment of human capacities in the Kingdom and working on satisfying the interactive needs within the family and community.

The Financial Grants Program for the Parents' Homes and Clubs comes from the Ministry’s assumption of its societal responsibilities towards the elderly in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Furthermore, it provides the care, rehabilitation and services for the elderly in their areas of residence, where annual financial grants were allocated to Parents’ Day Care that are managed by civil society institutions under direct supervision by the Ministry.


The Ministry launches its initiatives in providing grants to parental care homes, which are managed in partnership with civil society organizations and local community residents, to provide various aspects of services for the elderly, whose requirements have become one of the basic components of society. The idea of the program is based on assigning a number of civil society organizations (NGOs) and licensed institutions concerned with the affairs of the elderly to manage the role of parents, which the Ministry seeks to provide financial support every year by providing psychological, social, health and other services to elderly visitors in local communities.


Objectives of the program:


  1. Providing financial grants to parental care homes in the Kingdom of Bahrain to enable them to perform their role in providing care for the elderly.
  2. Providing an opportunity for the elderly to meet and communicate with the individuals and institutions of the civil society.
  3. Activating and strengthening the principle of community partnership between the Ministry and the civil and private sectors to contribute to providing services for the elderly.

Conditions for benefiting from the program:



  1. That the institution has obtained an official license authorizing it to run and operate a parental home.
  2. That the institution is committed to providing services and programs according to what is contracted between it and the Ministry of Labour and Social Development.
  3. That the institution is committed to providing services to the elderly in the vicinity of the community in which it operates.
  4. That the institution is committed to providing regular, uninterrupted services according to a clear timetable approved by the Ministry. 

Organizations eligible for grants:

  • Officially licensed civil societies.
  • Private institutions licensed to provide elderly care services.

Grants nature:


The Ministry of Labour and Social Development to provide financial support for the following authorities:

1. Annual financial grants for institutions and agencies to enable them to hire the necessary headquarters (partnership)
2. Annual financial grants for institutions and agencies to enable them managing elderly care homes (partnership).
3. Financial grants to support the elderly homes to increase their services and improve the quality of their works provided for elderly.


Documents required for grants:


  1. Official license for the institution interested in the management of elderly care homes and its objectives.
  2. Fill out the comprehensive search form for the institution wishing to manage the homes of parents that is carried out by the elderly care section.
  3. The availability of an independent building for the institution wishing to manage the parents ’role, which meets all the requirements from the competent authorities.
  4. Provide a list of the administrative and technical personnel necessary to manage and operate the parents ’role.


Applying for grants:


Institutions and entities wishing to benefit from the program submit their requests to the Welfare and Social Rehabilitation Sector at the Ministry of Labour and Social Development by completing the forms designated for this program.


Program Supervisors:


The Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sector shall be the agency supervising the program in cooperation and coordination with the Ministry's Community Partnership Committee, which undertakes the official notification about it. Parties wishing to benefit from it must fill in and complete the form data and submit it to the sector.


  • The Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sector coordinates with the Elderly Care Department to conduct a research and inspection on the building's suitability.
  • The authorities submit periodic reports every three months on the level of performance.


Evaluation Criteria:

  • Institutional evaluation that includes public administration, financial management and systems.
  • Data on the role including the nature of the service, its objectives, the beneficiaries, the financial aspects and the justifications for benefiting from the program.
  • Annual work plan and plans for monitoring and evaluation













































































































































































































































































































































































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