Disabled Services




The services of the Social Rehabilitation Directorate for Persons with Disabilities vary to include the following areas:


First: Academic and professional care and rehabilitation services, through the following government centres:

  1. NBB Home For Disabled Children
  2. Disabled Child Day Care Centre
  3. Academic and Vocational Rehabilitation Center
  4. BBK Rehabilitation Center
  5. Shaikhan Al Farsi Comprehensive Speech Centre


Second: Community partnership with governmental, civil and private institutions, including:

  1. Managing and operating a driving training program for disabed.
  2. Academic qualification grants program for rehabilitation centers working in the field of disability.
  3. Management and operation of mobile units.
  4. Managing and operating the Hidd Rehabilitation Center.
  5. Managing and operating Al Matrook Conductive Rehabilitation Centre
  6. Managing and operating of the Salwa Club for Disabled
  7. Takaful initiative for disabled
  8. Program to support specific privileges for holders of the new national identity card

Third:  Committees and support services for disabled within the services provided at Abdullah Bin Ali Kanoo Center for Evaluation and Support Services:

  1. High Commission for Disabled Affairs.
  2. The committee for the evaluation of Disabled
  3. Committee to decide on the disability allowance.
  4. Committee for prosthetic devices and assistants for Disabled (providing prosthetic devices)
  5. Two Hours rest for Disabled
  6. Licensing and publicizing centers working in the field of people with disabilities


























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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