Academic and Vocational Rehabilitation Center


Among the supreme guidelines of our government towards providing care for all Bahraini citizens and preparing them to build a modern Bahraini society, the Social Rehabilitation Department, affiliated with the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, provides important services to assist the mentally disabled on a scientific basis with the aim of integrating them into society. Thus, the Academic and Vocational Rehabilitation Centre was inaugurated in April 1980 to provide several qualifications, educational and professional services to mentally disabled children and youth through two specialized units: the academic rehabilitation unit and vocational rehabilitation unit.


تنويه: نظراً للأعمال الإنشائية والتصليحات القائمة حالياً في مبنى مركز التأهيل الاكاديمي والمهني، تنوه الوزارة بانتقال خدمات مركز التأهيل الاكاديمي والمهني  إلى مركز شيخان الفارسي للتخاطب الشامل حتى إشعار أخر.


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The Centre also aims at integrating students into all events and occasions to achieve partnership and equality. It also celebrates annually the graduation of men and women affiliated with the centre who have completed their vocational rehabilitation training programs and it assists them to integrate the business world.  





Ministry of Labour & Social Development

Social rehabilitationDepartment

The Department of Academic and Vocational Rehabilitation Centres

The Academic and Vocational Rehabilitation Centre

Building no: 4265, street no: 1218, complex no:812

Tel: 17102321\ 17102320- Fax: 17686764  

Isa city - Kingdom of Bahrain





































































































































































































































































































































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