Programmes & Services





First: Vocational Qualification Program:

The Center offers many services and rehabilitation programs that contribute to the development of applicants' abilities and potentials and further qualify them by means of having them well trained in the following vocational workshops:

  1. Carpentry workshop
  2. Agriculture workshop
  3. Handicraft workshop
  4. Upholstery workshop
  5. Craft workshop
  6. Housekeeping workshop

Second: Program and curative health care:


  1. Follow-up statements and periodic medical students and open a special file for each of them
  2. Concern for health affairs  and the follow-up medical needs them
  3. Work on the immunization of students and working with them
  4. Providing prosthetic devices for students who need it
  5. A first-aid centre or transfer students to the hospital when necessary
  6. Periodically check on the students

Third: Mental health care Programmes:


  1. Psychological testing of students to determine their abilities and potential.
  2. Provide remedial education according to the characteristics of each individual case "behavior modification"
  3. Provide remedial education group

Fourth: Social welfare program:


  1. Case study students' social and record all the changes made to the conditions
  2. Provide financial and in-kind assistance to needy cases.
  3. Organizing field visits to public and private institutions.
  4. Work on the continuation of the students' relationship with their families and the outside community through mutual visits and joint Programmes.
  5. Provide transportation to transport students from home to the centre and vice versa.

Fifth: Cultural and entertainment Programmes and sports:


  1. Organize educational and recreational trips for students
  2. Provide an opportunity for students to participate in the centre and scout teams participating in scout camps organized by various institutions.
  3. Provide an opportunity for students to view the newspapers, magazines and television educational Programmes and engage in educational games and entertainment games.
  4. Organizing entertainments in the observances of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  5. Organization of exhibitions to introduce students products
  6. Provide an opportunity for students to participate in all social activities, internal and external.
  7. To participate in all sports activities for the disabled at the local level and international level.
  8. Organization of Physical Education quotas within the program and participate in the daily local and international tournaments.

Sixth: Training Programmes for workers place:

  1. Organizing training courses in various fields of special education and vocational rehabilitation at the local level and regional level.
  2. Organizing lectures and refresher courses during the academic year.
  3. Participate in training courses organized by local universities and centres with similar disabilities.
  4. Exploratory exchange of visits between the centres with disabilities to benefit from their expertise.
  5. Scholarship to obtain certificates of staff specialized in the fields of special education and vocational rehabilitation.
  6. Participate in local and international conferences.

































































































































































































































































































































































































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