NBB Home For Disabled Children


This House was established in 1970. It is a governmental organization that takes care of people with mild and severe mental disabilities and brain damage. As a contribution of the Bahrain International Bank and part of its national role in supporting social services, it financed the construction of a new building for the House. This noble initiative expresses the commitment of the private sector and the assistance it has provided for the development of a social partnership.


NBB Home For Disabled Children


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The objectives of the House:

  1. The rehabilitation of disabled children and provision of the skills necessary for independence in their daily lives.
  2. Providing care, rehabilitation, health and social services to the disabled.
  3. Integrating disabled children to become useful members of society.
  4. Providing care and rehabilitation

Types of available services:


* Educational Services

* Social Services

* Psychological Services

* Medical and Health Services

* Entertainment Services

* Sport Services

* Livelihood Service

* Security and Safety Services

* Volunteering Services

* Regular Estimations



Privileges enjoyed by disabled persons in Bahrain:

  1. Allowances are paid to the disabled.
  2. All types of care including treatment, education and rehabilitation are provided free of charge.
  3. Substitute devices and hearing aids are provided free of charge.
  4. Organizations and centres are equipped to provide care, rehabilitation and education programs for the disabled.
  5. Identification cards for the disabled are provided to enable them to benefit from services free of charge.


Building 1045 - Road 1403 - Complex 814

Isa Town City

Tele: 17103277 - Fax: 17680379




















































































































































































































































































































































































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