NBB Home For Disabled Children


The home was established in 1970 and was the first governmental institution concerned with persons with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities and persons with disabilities with cerebral palsy. As a contribution from the National Bank of Bahrain and an affirmation of its national role in supporting social services, it has built a new building for the home. This generous and noble initiative comes as an expression of the private sector's commitment and support for development through community partnership.


NBB Home For Disabled Children

Location on Google Maps:

NBB Home For Disabled Children



Building 1045 - Road 1403 - Complex 814

Isa Town City

Tele: 17103277 - Fax: 17680379




Goals of the Home:

  1. Rehabilitation of children with disabilities and providing them with the necessary skills for self-reliance in their life affairs.
  2. Providing aspects of rehabilitation, health, psychological and social care and services for children with disabilities.
  3. Integration of children with disabilities into society to become useful members of in it.

Services provided at the NBB Home for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Children:

  • Full and temporary accommodation.
  • Skills development (behavioural, interpersonal, and perceptual).
  • Professional qualification.
  • Providing sports, entertainment and social programs and awareness lectures.
  • Physiotherapy 



















































































































































































































































































































































































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