Registration Steps

Categories of services beneficiaries:


  • Cases of severe and moderate mental retardation.
  • Cerebral Palsy cases.
  • People with disabilities.
  • Down Syndrome Cases

Provided that all diseases are not associated with symptoms or disorders of autism and are motor-stable.


Conditions for admission to the home:

  1. He/She must be of Bahraini nationality.
  2. He/She must be a disability.
  3. The student's age must not be less than 6 years and not exceed 18 years.
  4. He/She must be free from mental illnesses or disorders.
  5. That the medical report from the Psychiatric Hospital proves that he suffers from intellectual disability and is free from behavioral disorders and that he is physically stable.


1.    Submit a written request for admission to the Home.
2.    A medical examination facility with all previous medical reports with a vaccination certificate.


Coordination to meet with specialists at Home as follows:

•    Social worker for social research on the family.
•    Psychologist for the work capacity assessment and skills of the child
•    After a comprehensive assessment enroll the child in Home or converts to take advantage of the associated services.

Documents required for providing the following:

1.    CPR for the child.
2.    Birth certificate.
3.    Previous medical reports.
4.    Certificate of vaccination.
5.    Personal photos.
6.    Previous academic certificates (if any)

Admission Requirements:

1.    He/She must be a Bahraini national or born to a Bahraini mother having a permanent resident status.
2.    The child should not exceed the age of 12 years
3.    Must suffer from mental retardation - moderate - or severe or cerebral palsy.
4.    Not suffer from behavioural or psychological disorders constitute harm to himself.
5.    To submit proof of the absence of advanced infectious or communicable diseases.
6.    Compliance and commitment to parents of all systems of the Home and under the pledge is signed by parents.
7.    Exam and capacity to respond to the stages of evaluation.











































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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