Rehabilitation and Training Services

Types of services:

First:     Permanent and temporary accommodation services by the residential care department:

Accommodation Department Services:

•    Provide social care in terms of subsistence, housing and psychological care.
•    Provide health care, including treatment and examination.
•    Provide educational care.
•    Provide constructive leisure activities.



Second:     Disabled Skills Development Services (Behavioral / Cognitive / Personal):

This service depends on the following:
1.    Learning and analyzing objectives.
2.    Cognition objectives and concepts for Arabic;
3.    Cognition objectives and concepts for mathematics;
4.    Social development skills assessment.
5.    Self-reliance (independence skills).
6.    Social adjustment.


Third:     Vocational Training:

1.    Educational objective analysis of training.
2.    Occupational safety during work.
3.    Giving students independence skills in vocational workshops.
4.    Occupational skills provided to students:
      •    Agriculture workshop (for boys);
      •    Handicraft workshop (for girls);


Fourth:     Sports Program Objectives:

1.    Train students and develop their skills.
2.    Hold sporting events.
3.    Participate in foreign tournaments.
4.    Integrate students within the community.
5.    Joint programs with physical therapy.


Fifth:     Provide psychological care and solve behavioral problems by:

•    Psychological evaluation.
•    Therapeutic sessions.
•    Family counseling.



Sixth:         Physiotherapy Service:

The types of cases that are trained in the physiotherapy department :
1.    Cases of cerebral palsy and paraplegia.
2.    Cases of mental disabilities with motor and physical problems.
3.    Cases of articular dislocations.

4.    Cases of hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy.
5.    Development delays.

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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