The home includes four main sections:

1.    Day Care section.
2.    Vocational rehabilitation and cerebral palsy section
3.    Residential Care section.
4.    Physiotherapy section

Types of care:

1.    Residential care (permanent): Provides children who are living in the home with continuous accommodation and provides opportunities for their families to visit them or arrange for children to visit their families.

2.    Temporary care: The child is admitted to the home for a period not exceeding three months as a result of urgent circumstances in the family, after which he/she shall return to their family upon the expiry of the specified period.

3.    Day care: The child is enrolled in rehabilitative classes during the day period, and aspects of rehabilitation, health, psychological and recreational services are provided. 


Cases that are trained and treated in the Department of Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy receives many children who suffer from varying degrees of disability and mobility impairment, and they are trained according to specific programs and from the cases from which the physiotherapy services benefit:

  1. Cerebral palsy and paraplegia.
  2. Mental retardation (mental retardation) for those who suffer from movement and physical problems.
  3. Those who suffer from articular dislocation.
  4. Cases of hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, and developmental delays for other factors.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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