Shaikhan Al Farsi Comprehensive Speech Centre


Shaikhan Al-Farsi Comprehensive Speech Centre was inaugurated in 1997. It is a governmental institution affiliated with the Ministry of Labour & Social Development to provide all Rehabilitation and educational services for the hearing disabled, and it is considered to be an extension of the hearing disabled unit of the Rehabilitation Centre which commenced its services in 1980.


تنويه: نظراً للأعمال الإنشائية والتصليحات القائمة حالياً في مبنى مركز التأهيل الاكاديمي والمهني، تنوه الوزارة بانتقال خدمات مركز التأهيل الاكاديمي والمهني  إلى مركز شيخان الفارسي للتخاطب الشامل حتى إشعار أخر.


Location on Google Maps: Shaikhan Al-Farsi Comprehensive Speech Centre


Targeted category:


Children with cochlear implantation and hearing disabled children from 3 to 16 years old.





  1. Diagnosing hearing handicapped cases to reveal their mental and hearing readiness and capacities.
  2. Training children in using speech through intensive programs in hearing, spelling and linguistic training.
  3. Providing academic education for children subject to modern education and comprehensive communication methods (speaking. lip-reading, reading and writing, sign language, finger alphabet…)
  4. Placing children with poor hearing who are able to learn in standard schools after being linguistically qualified.
  5. Training the centre's management staff and increasing their efficiency, developing their capacities in the field of Rehabilitation of hearing disabled children.
  6. Training children's families on how to communicate and deal with their children.
  7. Developing health awareness and acquiring correct heath habits through an integrated program of health education and prevention of diseases and accidents.
  8. Developing and encouraging the interests and habits of hearing disabled children, to enrich their lives and fill their free time with entertainment and social activities.




Providing Rehabilitation programs for the hearing disabled which include:


  1. Implementing kindergarten programs and curricula to develop all of a child’s physical and motor skills.
  2. Providing intensive training programs through speaking and hearing exercises.
  3. Qualifying children on interacting in standard school classrooms.
  4. Providing educational programs for primary and preparatory levels.
  5. Implementing Ministry of Education curricula.
  6. Taking an interest in students' health matters.
  7. Conducting periodic examination and inspection of ears and hearing.
  8. Providing hearing aid devices.


Cochlear Implant section: program stated in 2007-2008


Targeted category:

Electronic Cochlear Implants for children from the age of 3 years



Qualifying and training children to integrate in Ministry of Education schools



  1. Hearing training to discriminate sounds in surrounding environments, letters, sections and phrases.
  2. Literal training to spell letters, sections, words and phrases.
  3. Educational activities (preparation, body organs, class, home and family …etc).
  4. Treatment lessons to correct children's speaking.
  5. First primary level to qualify children to integrate into standard schools.

Children who graduate continue their education in government schools.



Required documents:


  1. The required form completed.
  2. A report from the Ministry of Health – Psychological section.
  3. A copy of demographic card of case patient and parents.
  4. 2 photos of the patient.
  5. A copy of the patient’s passport.


Admission conditions:

  1. The applicant must be a Bahraini national.
  2. The child must be two years old at least and not more than 8 years old.
  3. The child must be free of any infectious diseases and psychological disorders.
  4. The applicant must provide a medical report with evidence that he suffers only from a hearing disability.




Shikhan Al Farsi Comprehensive Commutation Centre

Building no.: 189 - Street: 37 - Block: 933 – East Riffa

Tel no.: 17102319 - Fax no.: 1762250








































































































































































































































































































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