Shaikhan Al Farsi Comprehensive Speech Centre


Shaikhan Al-Farsi Comprehensive Speech Centre was inaugurated in 1997. It is a governmental institution affiliated with the Ministry of Labour & Social Development to provide all Rehabilitation and educational services for the hearing disabled, and it is considered to be an extension of the hearing disabled unit of the Rehabilitation Centre which commenced its services in 1980.

Note: Due to the construction work and repairs currently taking place in the building of the Academic and Professional rehabilitation Centre, the Ministry notes the transfer of the services of the Academic and Vocational Rehabilitation Centre to the Shaikhan Al-Farsi Centre for Universal Communication until further notice.


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Shaikhan Al-Farsi Comprehensive Speech Centre


Building no.: 189 - Street: 37 - Block: 933 – East Riffa

Tel no.: 17102319 - Fax no.: 1762250




Targeted category:


Children with cochlear implantation and hearing disabled children from 3 to 16 years old.




  1. Diagnosing hearing handicapped cases to reveal their mental and hearing readiness and capacities.
  2. Training children in using speech through intensive Programmes in hearing, spelling and linguistic training.
  3. Providing academic education for children subject to modern education and comprehensive communication methods (speaking. lip-reading, reading and writing, sign language, finger alphabet…)
  4. Placing children with poor hearing who are able to learn in standard schools after being linguistically qualified.
  5. Training the centre's management staff and increasing their efficiency, developing their capacities in the field of Rehabilitation of hearing disabled children.
  6. Training children's families on how to communicate and deal with their children.
  7. Developing health awareness and acquiring correct heath habits through an integrated program of health education and prevention of diseases and accidents.
  8. Developing and encouraging the interests and habits of hearing disabled children, to enrich their lives and fill their free time with entertainment and social activities.

Programs and Services at the center:

The center provides a number of rehabilitation programs for people with hearing disabilities, including:

1- Preschool orientation programs:

  1. It is concerned with the care of children with hearing disabilities from one (3) years to preschool age.
  2. Pre-school preparation with the aim of developing all sensory and motor skills of children with hearing impairment.
  3. Subject children to an intensive auditory, verbal and linguistic rehabilitation program.
  4. Qualify children with hearing disabilities to integrate into regular school classes according to their abilities and possibilities.

2- Educational Programs:

  1. Provide primary and preparatory education programs for children who are unable to integrate into regular school classes.
  2. Following the comprehensive method of communication in the education of these children, which depends on (pronunciation - lip reading- reading and writing - sign language – finger alphabet).
  3. Apply the curricula of the Ministry of Education after making the necessary adjustments to educate people with hearing disabilities.
  4.  Organizing training workshops for the families of children in various ways related to dealing and communicating with children with hearing disabilities.


3- Healthcare and therapeutic Programs:

•    Follow up on medical periodic reports and open a special file for each of them.
•    Providing attention to all aspects of students' health and following up on their medical needs.
•    Provision of hearing aids.
•    Perform first aid to students at the center or take them to the hospital if necessary.
•    Work to immunize students and those working with them.

4- Psychological care programs:


1.    Conduct psychological tests for students to determine their abilities and capabilities.
2.    Provide individualized remedial education according to the characteristics of each case.
3.    Provide group therapeutic education.
4.    Provide psychological guidance to the family on how to deal with their children.
5.    Provide psychotherapy to children whose condition requires it.

5- Social Welfare Programs:


  • Study the students' social status and record all the changes taking place on their status.
  • Work to maintain children's relationship with their families and the outside community through mutual visits and joint programs.
  • Provide transportation to move students to and from the center.

6- Cultural and Sports Programs:


  1. Organize educational entertainment trips for students.
  2. Provide students with the opportunity to participate in scout teams and scout camps organized by various institutions.
  3. Provide students with the opportunity to read magazines, view educational television programs, and computer programs and to play educational and entertaining games.
  4. Organize entertainment events on occasions celebrated by the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  5. Participation in various exhibitions to promote students' products;
  6. Provide students with the opportunity to participate in internal and external social activities.
  7. Organizing sports education classes within the daily program;


7- Training programs for employees of the center:

•    Enrolling employees in training courses in various fields of special education and vocational rehabilitation.
•    Organize specialized lectures and training courses during the academic year.
•    Participation in training courses organized by similar centers.
•    Exchange of preparatory visits between centers for people with disabilities to benefit from their experiences.



































































































































































































































































































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