Elderly Day Care Centers


The Ministry of Labour & Social Development is currently supervising, under community partnership, the operation of a number of care homes (day clubs) for the elderly and which aim to provide care and rehabilitation for the elderly people during the day amid residential districts in various governorates. These day care homes offer various aspects of social, health, psychological and recreational care, develop appropriate rehabilitation programs and services, benefit from their expertise and abilities, and work to integrate them into society and not to isolate them in old people’s homes. These homes are managed within the community partnership project which aims to link the interests of groups and synergize scattered development efforts by leveraging the real partnership between civil society organizations, the private sector and the government through the adoption of initiatives and programs in the care provision areas and turn them into projects that contribute to sustainable social development.


To make these efforts succeed and provide excellent services for the elderly in the Kingdom, annual financial grants and support have been allocated for elderly homes. Such support reached an amount of 100,000 dinars in 2011. Also, a number of field visits were made to day care homes for the elderly to see how they work. Moreover, a number of 4 training workshops were organized by the Elderly Care Section for those working in day care homes. The number of those who attended these workshops reached 60 workers. Table No. (30) shows the name of the home and the supervising body.


Parents Homes & Day Care Clubs


The day care homes offer a number of services and activities, including:


1- Social welfare programs



The social welfare programs are provided for the elderly persons staying in these homes through following up and recording all the changes they undergo in order to achieve the best adaptation between them and the members of their families and their surrounding environment surrounding. These programs also work on keeping the elderly connected to their outside community through making outside visits and tours. Moreover, a daily program is prepared to show the offered services and to set times for social and recreational activities, as well as all other services. These programs are keen on providing comfort and stability for the elderly and allowing them to make the most of their stay in these homes.


2- Medical Services



A group of Bahraini volunteer doctors in different specialties contribute to examining and treating those in need of this service from among the residents of these homes. Also, there are a number of nurses who make periodic weekly examination for diabetics and blood pressure patients. Moreover, a number of social researchers deliver lectures to spread awareness and education regarding the health habits and behaviours.


3- Handicrafts




The elderly are allowed to exercise some simple handicrafts and hobbies. They are provided with the required training. This is aimed to get them busy during their leisure time, urge them to rely on themselves, and to help and encourage them to activate and move their muscles to recover their motor skills naturally.


4- Recreational Activities


A range of recreational programs, activities and trips are undertaken in order to bring happiness and joy to the hearts of these elderly fathers and mothers. In addition, there are visits to meeting places and to patients in hospitals and homes, not to mention the revival of Ramadan nights, customs and traditions, and celebration of Eids. Moreover, the elderly are given the chance to make life and entertainment journeys outside the Kingdom of Bahrain, and to make visits to some work sites, such as factories and farms.


The necessary measures were taken to hold a community partnership between the Ministry of Social Development, Hamad Town Charity Fund and Markh Charity Fund to establish elderly care homes in Hamad Town and Al Markh during 2012. This was aimed to receive elderly parents and provide all the social, counselling, recreational, educational and health services for the beneficiaries of both sexes.


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