Muharraq Elderly Day Care


Al Muharraq Parent Care Home was established based on the interest of the Good Word Society for the elderly and its desire to participate in governmental and private efforts aimed at caring, protecting and reintegrating them in society, hoping to provide various services to more than 4 thousand retirees in the city of Muharraq. The home was opened in February 2009.

The home believes in a philosophy states that go beyond the negative perception of the elderly to return the favour to them, raise the spirit of hope and optimism among them, through various health, social, educational and productive care programmes that fill their spare time, as well as providing a hand of assistance to those who wish to pursue a profession that brings to it a financial return.




Building 363 - Road 214 – Complex 202



P.O. Box: 13490

Phone no,: 17333115/17333446
Fax no.: 17333117



  1. Providing health, social and psychological care for the elderly in coordination with the concerned institutions.
  2. Investing the spare time of the elderly and providing them with opportunities to do business consistent with their experiences.
  3. Benefit from the energies and capabilities of the elderly and give them an opportunity to spend their recreational time and benefit from the educational programmes implemented by the home.
  4. Achieving the generations' communications positively and effectively to ensure a symbiotic environment that enables increased attention and motivation of society.

Admission Conditions:


  • Be of a Bahraini nationality and  reside in Muharraq.
  • Be no less than sixty years in age.
  • Be free of contagious diseases and mental disorders.
  • Has the desire to benefit from the services of the Home or Centre.
  • That the social research proves its need to join the home.

Admission Procedures:

  1. Submit an official request to the manager of the home and fill out the relevant form.
  2. Conducting social research to ensure that the elderly needs to the services of the home.
  3. Obtaining the approval of the person in charge of the elderly according to Islamic law, if any.
  4. The approval of the competent department on the request.
  5. Preparing a medical file and a social file.
  6. Conducting a comprehensive medical examination.

Reasons for terminate the relationship:
•    Abnormal behaviour.
•    The poor relationship between the elderly and the home's residents.
•    Infection with infectious diseases.

Types of Care:

Day Care: Providing the necessary services and care during the period from 8 am to 1:30 pm by providing programmes and activities.


Services and Programmes:

  1. Follow-up the elderly and record all changes in its conditions for the best adaptation between him/her  and the external community.
  2. Working to document the relationship of the elderly with the family.
  3. Work to maintain the bond between the elderly and the external community through external and internal visits and tours.
  4. Conducting the initial medical examination for the new elderly and opening a special file for each of them.
  5. Carry out periodic medical examination for the elderly.
  6. Caring for the health and hygiene of the elderly
  7. Provide cultural and awareness programmes.
  8. Participation of the elderly in national activities, programmes and various events. 













































































































































































































































































































































































































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