Buri Elderly Day Care (Civil)


It was founded in 2008. Civil, government and private efforts have been synergized to support the idea of establishing this Home to serve the elderly during the day. The Home is managed by the Buri Charity’s Board of Trustees and is supported technically by the Ministry.



  1. Create psychological and social atmosphere for the elderly in their community setting.
  2. Integrate the elderly into their community and help them communicate with the members of their community and social surroundings.
  3. Ensure privacy for the elderly and not to isolate them in private housing facilities.
  4. Provide social, psychological, health and recreational care for the elderly.
  5. Provide care for the elderly whose families are not able to look after them.
  6. Implement and develop appropriate rehabilitation programs for the elderly and maximize the use of their abilities and potential.


Services Provided by the Home:


  1. Psychological, social, recreational and rehabilitation services to keep the elderly people related to the surrounding community so as to foster their feelings of psychological stability and security.
  2. Communication among generations through the promotion of linkages between individuals in the community, and through outside visits, tours and various gathering events.
  3. Health services, including physical therapy services and motor programs for the elderly people whose health conditions require so.
  4. Handicrafts and vocational hobbies to keep the elderly busy during their leisure time, encourage them to recover their motor skills naturally, and urge them to rely on themselves.




Building 1745 – Road 5445 – Complex 754

P.O. Box: 32254 - Buri

Tel.: 17645674 - Fax: 17645674/17645741


































































































































































































































































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