Buri Elderly Day Care (Civil)


The Buri Parent Care Center (Day Service) was announced on November 24, 2008, in accordance with Ministerial Resolution No. 24 of 2008 issued by the Minister of Labour & Social Development, and it was registered under registration 23 / AM- 2008.



Building 1745 – Road 5445 – Complex 754


P.O. Box: 32254 

Tel.: 17645674

Fax: 17645674/17645741

E-Mail: darbouri@hotmail.com




  1. Preserving the principle of social solidarity.
  2. Work to instil hope for retirees and the elderly.
  3. Providing comprehensive services and programmes for the members of the home (cultural, nutritional, healthy, social, physical and recreational).  

Admission Conditions:

  1. The elderly, of both genders, from sixty years and over is accepted by, and if he/she are less than sixty years old, he/she will be considered a friend of the home.
  2. A Bahraini nationality.
  3. Free from mental disorders, infectious and communicable diseases or that require special medical attention.
  4. Inability to perform personal needs as proven by the social research.
  5. Has the desire to benefit from the services of the home or centre.

Admission Procedures:

  1. Submit an official request to the manager of the home and fill out the relevant form.
  2. Conduct social research to ensure that the elderly need the services of the home.
  3. Obtaining the approval of the person in charge of the elderly according to Islamic law, if any.
  4. The approval of the competent department on the request.
  5. Preparing a medical file and a social file.
  6. Conducting a comprehensive medical examination.

Reasons for terminate the relationship:

-     If the elderly does not abide by the internal regulations of the home.
-    If the elderly suffers from infectious disease that affects the rest of the elderly.

Types of Care:

1.    Mental care (through mental activities).
2.    Social welfare (through setting up social research for associates)
3.    Cultural care (through the educational programmes of the home)
4.    Health care (statements and health programmes).


Services and Programmes:

  1. Medical examination, in cooperation with the Aali Health Center and the competent medical authorities
  2. Cultural and religious lectures, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Awqaf.
  3. Organizing joint programmes with parents' care homes and different authorities.
  4. Organizing joint activities with school students, kindergartens, and civil society organizations.
  5. Receiving visitors from a wide spectrum of civil society.
  6. Visiting patients in homes and hospitals.
  7. External visits to the facilities of the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  8. Reviving national and religious events.
  9. Writing down the biography of the elderly.
  10. The home invests the free time of the associates and provides an opportunity for them to practice any work consistent with their experiences.
  11. Providing lessons in intonation and proper reading of the Qur’an (by a parent).
  12. Sports lessons for one half hour (by a parent).
  13. Workshops (trade / handicraft / colouring) and other associate presentation.
  14. Parents' participation in various community activities

















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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