Sitra Elderly Day Care Club


Sitra Social Club for Parents is a day care club for the elderly (both genders), it was established within the project of a community partnership between the Ministry of Labour and Social Development and the National Association for the Foreign Village of Sitra in October 2009, the club receives elderly men from Saturday to Tuesday at a rate of four days per week, and women on Wednesday and Thursday An average of two days a week.

The club works according to a clear vision, which is the pursuit of excellence in providing the best services in order to achieve the quality of life for parents, and according to a mission in which it seeks to develop programmes and activities to help the developmental, social, physical and health dimensions with a great quality and efficiency that meets the requirements of the age stage of the elderly, in addition to developing the performance of the employees of the club to be ready to carry out the tasks and responsibilities assigned to them.




Building 94 – Road 702 – Complex 607


P.O.Box: 70289


Tel.: 17736860

Fax: 17736367




  1. Provide social, educational, recreational, psychological and health care for the elderly in order to reach them to a level of psychological compatibility and social adjustment.
  2. Strengthening the bonds of the elderly with their families and deepening the level of their reintegration in social life.
  3. Take advantage of the accumulated experience of the elderly and retirees and transfer them to the youth through programs and activities, while encouraging their continued giving.
  4. Helping the elderly to confront the problems resulting from old age, in cooperation with some of the competent authorities.
  5. Providing some services for the elderly in their homes and providing support to their families through educational and rehabilitative programmes on how to care for the elderly

Admission Conditions:

•    The elderly must be a Bahraini citizen.anf residing in the area of Sitra
•    The elderly must not be less than 60 years old.
•    The elderly is mentally sound and free from infectious diseases or that needs to special medical attention.
•    The elderly must desire to benefit from the club's services.
•    Social research proves that the elderly needs to join to the club.  

Admission Procedures:

After making sure that the terms apply to the applicant for membership, and the applicant health record is free from infectious and mental illnesses; the social research will be conducted on the integrity of its reputation in the region and its morals and behaviours. and then it will be contacted by an administrative employee or one of the Programme implementers to fill in the membership form for joining the club Programme, a copy of the population card and two personal photos must be attached to the membership form, in addition to the need to make sure to take numbers to communicate with its family members (for example, its adult children) to contact them in the event of any emergency for the elderly in the club.

Reasons for terminate the relationship:

  • Death.
  • The elderly’s desire to end the relationship.
  • Non-compliance with the club's internal regulations.


Types of Care:

Social, health care, psychological, recreational


Services and Programmes:

Cultural programmes, educational, religious, health, sports, work therapy, dialogue, entertainment, awareness, mental.













































































































































































































































































































































































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