Sitra Elderly Day Care Club


The Home was established within the community partnership project between the Ministry and Kharjiya Village Civil Society with the aim of providing health, social, recreational and psychological services for the elderly, assisting their families through rehabilitation, raising awareness of the importance of their needs, and identifying their problems and how to look after them. The Home was opened in October 2009.



  1. Provide social, recreational, psychological and health care for the elderly through the proposed programs.
  2. Identify the most important needs and problems of the elderly and provide support for their families through education and rehabilitation programs on how to look after them.
  3. Take advantage of the accumulated experience of the elderly and retirees and transfer them to the youth through programs and activities.


Services Provided by the Home:


Types of Care:


Day Care: To host and provide care for the elderly during the morning period and provide the usual services.


Supportive Care:To provide some services for the elderly or their families at home.


Moreover, the Home delivers a family counseling program which is based on providing awareness and guidance services to all members of the family in various issues affecting their family life. The program offers treatment counseling and suggestions that help resolve the outstanding problems. Among the key issues addressed by the problems are: sexual harassment, domestic violence, and marital problems and how they affect the children.



Building 94 – Road 702 – Complex 607

P.O.Box 70289


Tel.: 17736860

Fax: 17736367














































































































































































































































































































































































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