UCO Elderly Day Care (Civil)


UCO Parent Care was established in 1994, and it was opened in 1995, as the Ministry of Health allotted land of the old dispensary for the establishment of this center. 

The idea of establishing UCO Parent Care came by some of the people of the Hidd region based on the teachings of our true religion, as they found that there are some elderly people in the region who need care for many reasons, including lack of care or their custodians are unable to fulfil their needs, as well as to fill the spare time of some of the elderly referred to retire and create the appropriate place for their gathering instead of sitting on the streets.

After conducting an extensive study to serve these people and seeking remuneration and reward from Allah, the UCO Marine Contracting Company adopted the project and submitted the idea to the people of the region first and then the Ministry of Labour and Social Development at that time, so everyone appreciated and praised it.




440 Hidd Street– Complex 107

Al Hidd

P.O. Box: 50206

Tel.: 17677717 - Fax: 17671324

ُE-Mail: reema_uco@hotmail.com


  1. Provide health, social and living care for residents.
  2. Invest the elderly people’s leisure time, provide them with the opportunity to exercise any activity consistent with their experiences and preferences, and train those who are able among them on some of the skills that have a positive impact on them.
  3. Strengthen the relationship between the elderly people and their family members and deepen their social interaction with their surroundings, ensuring psychological and social adaptation.
  4. Assist the elderly people residing at the Home and who have no supporters by fulfilling some of their needs that they find difficult to perform.
  5. Provide the opportunity for the elderly to spend recreational times and take advantage of the implemented educational programs.
  6. Reinforce the relationship and cooperation with public and private institutions working in the field of elderly service.

Admission Conditions:

  1. A Bahraini national or one of the residents in Bahrain.
  2. Free of infectious or communicable diseases that need special medical attention, and be free of mental disorders.
  3. Have the desire to utilize the services of Home.



Admission Procedures:


Conducting a research for elderly of both genders.


Reasons for terminate the relationship:

  • Death.
  • Apply in writing to end the relationship with the home.

Types of Care:

  1. Day care for men and women from Sunday to Thursday from seven in the morning until one in the afternoon.
  2. Providing transportation to all areas of Muharraq Governorate.
  3. Provide two daily meals for the elderly.
  4. Training community service students.
  5. Participation in TV and radio series and programs

Services and Activities Offered by the elderly care:

  1. Medical Services.
  2. Cultural, educational and religious services
  3. Occupational Therapy (Craftsmanship).
  4. Living services and benefits.
  5. Recreational services.
  6. Reviving folk heritage.
  7. Providing services for the elderly at their homes.
  8. Visits whether inside and outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  9. Participation in conferences, seminars and lectures.
  10. Finish government transactions for the elderly.
  11. Purchase the daily needs of the elderly.
  12. External participations
  13. Participate in TV and radio series and programmes.




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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