Durrat AlRiffa Senior Social Club



The Ministry of Labour and Social Development has opened a new headquarters of Dar Al Riffa to take care of the parents near the center of Riffa Social center where they were launching a new name for the headquarters to be the club Dora Riffa Senior Social clubs, which is run by the Bahrain Society for Women's Development under the patronage of Her Highness Shaikha Lulwa bint Khalifa Al Khalifa dignified HRH Prime Minister.

The club provides social and recreational care for the elderly residents of the area, through educational and pastoral programs and awareness for elderly patrons of both sexes, and to contribute to effective and efficient in the process of social development in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The club was built with a donation each from Durrat Al Bahrain Company, Mr.Adel AlLaban, Mr. Mahmoud Mohammed Hussein and NASS Company.

The Ministry is seeking to open a number of social clubs for parents in different areas of Bahrain in the coming years , bringing the number of  elderly day care and clubs to reach 20 by the year through cooperation with NGOs and the partnership program of social and proceed to the establishment of these services in a faster way than  the Ministry , especially that the national strategy for the elderly and endorsed by the council of ministers aims to focus on the health of the elderly and to create a friendly  environment to meet their requirements, pointing out that these goals came within the trends and international agreements as stated by the national Committee for the elderly and to develop a plan budget for the duration of effect after the approval of the Council of Ministers on the strategy to begin the implementation.

The club holds around 350 elderly, where is allocated for men and women throughout the days of the week except on Fridays and will provide programs of economic empowerment of the members of the club by enabling them to begin projects and advising them in addition to the production units and to exercise some manual work and  professional hobbies to fill their leisure time and encourage them to retrieve their kinetic naturally, where the allocated week days to regulate the market charity which displays their products  in addition to the program to improve memory and sports activities as well.



Durrat Al- Riffa Senior Social Club

Building 172-Road2507-East Riffa 925

P.O.Box 38038

Phone no.: 17491748

Fax no.: 17491795







































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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