Elderly Housing Care


Providing social, health, psychological, legal and living and recreational services, as well as, providing care, rehabilitation and treatment for the elderly of both sexes who are without supporters




  1. providing social, health, psychological and living, recreational and legal care to the inmates of the centre according to the requirements and needs of each inmate.
  2. Develope suitable rehabilitation programs for the elderly and take advantage of their abilities and potential.
  3. Integrating the elderly with the external environment and strengthen the link between them and their families.
  4. Personnel Training and qualification to raise their efficiency and develop their abilities in the field of care for the elderly.

Types of Care:

    (1)Permanent care: This care is provided to the elderly group who do not have anyone or their family circumstances do not allow caring for them, and they reside in the home or the centre permanently until the end of their lives. When providing this type of care, the approval of themselves and their families must be obtained.

    (2)Temporary care:  The different services, within a specified period, are provided to the elderly that may extend for a month or more as a result of unforeseen circumstances in the family, and at the end of this period the elderly will back to his family again.

Admission Conditions:

  1. The elderly must be a Bahraini Citizen.
  2. The elderly must not be less than 60 years old.
  3. The social research proves that his/her family is unable to care for her/ him.
  4. The elderly must be unable to work or fulfil his/her needs.
  5. The elderly must be free from infectious diseases and mental disorders.
  6. The elderly must not have a legitimate provider who can support him/her.
  7. The elderly must desire to benefit from the services of the home or the centre.




National Bank of Bahrain Elderly Home

  Moharraq Social Welfare Center


















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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