National Committee for Elderly



The Kingdom of Bahrain is one of the first Arab countries which formed a national committee for elderly where a decision No. (1) for the year 1984 to form the National Committee for elderly.

It was re-formation of the committee in the years 1992 -2000 -2003 -2008 - and finally in 2011, depending on the business requirements and the development of services. The committee includes members representing the government and the private sector and private entities considered responsible for the elderly in the Kingdom.




-Dr. Hassan Ibrahim Kamal (Vice Chairman of the National Committee for the Elderly)

-Mrs. Noor Ibrahim AlRamihi (Head of the Media Committee)

-Dr. Mona Mohammed AlShaik AlMahmood (Cheif Committee of the National Strategy for the elderly implementation)

-Mrs.Eman Mustafa AlMurbati (Finance Committee Cheif)

-Mr. Bader Ali Qamber (Head of the Social Services Committee)



The terms of reference of the National Commission for elderly include:

1 - Implementation of public policy for the care of the elderly in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
2 - Preparation of programs and projects for the care of the elderly.
3 - Cooperation with stakeholders to develop the services provided for the elderly.
4 - Finding sources to fund programs and activities of the Commission.
5 - Raise public awareness of the issues of the elderly.
6 - Organization of conferences and workshops.


The most important activities, services and achievements made by the committee includs:

  1.  Auspices of the celebration of the International Year for the elderly in 1999
  2. Care annual celebration of the International Day for the Elderly, starting in 1993
  3. Organize a training workshop on: "The care of the elderly .. reality and aspirations" of the Gulf Arab states
  4. Issuing a guidebook for feeding the elderly  
  5. Running two mobile units for the elderly since 1994 AD and 1998 AD and the issuance of their brochure   
  6. Honor the families that provide excellent services for the elderly
  7. Organizing annual exhibitions of character and aging products
  8. Organize Umrah trips for a number of the elderly
  9. Provide the elderly with various devices and assistive devices
  10. Conduct meetings and interviews with several officials and specialists interested in the care of the elderly and organize seminars television and publishing articles for the elderly in various different media
  11. Coordination with the civil authorities and official in the organization of many lectures and psychological health, social and religious field of aging
  12. Version bulletin entitled roots
  13. Different version posters
  14. Co-founder of the Arab League for the elderly in 2000   
  15. The launch of the national strategy for the elderly in the Kingdom of Bahrain and its operational plan, based on the objectives and visuals Arab Plan of Action for the elderly and the Global Aging Plan adopted at the Madrid
  16. 1 to continue with dignitaries, institutions and companies to support the Commission and provide support for the role of the elderly
  17. Work on getting government support for the budget committee
  18. Care to join the initiative age-friendly cities
  19. World Health Day under the auspices of the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Health and HE Minister of Social Development  
  20. Care and Family Festival in Marathon Walk of, Prince Khalifa reducing, April 7, 2012
  21. Health care exhibition in the City Center complex. April 26, 2012
  22. Working with the Ministry of Development to issue a card privileges for the elderly
  23. Support the costs of a training course for the elderly, from the National Foundation for the services of persons with disabilities
  24. Festival entertainment on the occasion of the International Day for the Elderly October 2012




















































































































































































































































































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