Training Plan and Workshops






Implementation Mechanism:


  1. Select significant productive areas from the works of productive families.
  2. Study the selected areas.
  3. Hold meetings with the families of the selected areas to familiarize them with the nature, objectives and strategy the workshop.
  4. Set (different) working times in coordination with these families according to each family’s work nature.
  5. Work with flexibility when dealing with families with respect to time, scientific material and techniques in a way that fits each family’s abilities and skills.
  6. Assess the strengths and weaknesses by sharing the views of families themselves in accordance with their abilities and the extent of their willingness to develop their technical and artistic skills.
  7. Shed light on the development methods and the latest ideas and skills in design and implementation.
  8. Develop several designs per work and explain the stereotype and development aspects through:
  • Design (an innovative, new and untraditional form).
  • Implementation materials (traditional and contemporary in a new form).
  • Adoption of experimental thinking in the formation of raw materials.
  • Finishing the product aesthetically and functionally in a way consistent with the nature of the used raw materials used and uniqueness of the product so as to be able to compete locally and internationally.

























































































































































































































































































































































































































































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