Mall’s Capabilities and Services



Mall’s Capabilities:

  • Three training workshops in addition to a workshop specialized in innovation and design.
  • Two showrooms for displaying the products of projects existing in the Mall.
  • A meeting room.
  • A cafeteria to serve visitors.




The Productive Families Mall mainly focuses on the projects made by the productive families who offer sophisticated high-quality products that depict the heritage and history of handicrafts in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The services consist of:

The basic services it provides: 



 Specialized services: 


  • Marketing services: Product development, packaging, pricing, product management, sales and distribution, and exportation to countries in the region and the world.
  • Technical services: Quality and Evaluation - raw materials and operation.
  • Export services: Opening marketing channels in foreign markets.


Administrative services:

  • Printing processing, photocopying, filing, fax, and Internet.
  • Reception and organization of correspondence, telephone calls, and express mail.


General services:

  • Security, reception hall, cafeteria, and training places.
  • Computer lab and information Centre.
  • Regular exhibitions.
  • Promotion of community Centres’ products.
































































































































































































































































































































































































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