Family Economic Empowerment


Productive families in the Kingdom of Bahrain have a long history starting with hand works practiced by the people of the ancient Dilmun. Therefore, the productive families’ project developed and fostered by the Ministry of Labour & Social Development is built on a diversified base of both traditional and modern products.


The Bahraini productive families project aims to support and develop these families’ projects through the provision of training, proper funding and specialized services such as marketing and management, the provision of productive units (e.g. productive kitchen, industrial sewing, and porcelain production), as well as the provision of a design and innovation unit to develop products, information technology unit to support external marke


ting, and a number of sales Centres and permanent exhibitions in governorates. Moreover, the project aims to formalize these projects and stress care and participation from all government, civil and private sectors.


 List of Productive Families Registered in the Ministry of Labour & Social Development

The Award of HRH Princess Sabeeka Bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa for Encouraging Productive Families



Vocational and Technical Training


Families are trained first on traditional handcrafts and professions such as sewing, embroidery, porcelain production, and food products. Moreover, they are trained on how to start a small project and develop it.


Such goals can be realized through:

(a) The productive units, including:

  1. Productive Kitchen
  2. Productive Sewing
  3. Home Farming
  4. Porcelain


(b) Training courses:

1.      Women's hairdressing

2.      Art of marketing

3.      Art of gift wrapping

4.      Workshop on the methods of preparing successful commercials

5.      Printing reports and translation

6.      Making traditional handmade products


(c) Workshops in the Capital Mall, including:

1.      Porcelain workshop

2.      Jewellery workshop.

3.      Development and Innovation Centre

4.      Information Technology Unit


(d) Sitra Complex for Productive Families:

1.      Marketing stores

2.      Productive kitchen

3.      Training programmes




In collaboration with the United Nations Developmental Programme and a number of leading NGO’s in the Kingdom, the Ministry provides the financing programme “MicroStart” in order to fund the families with the money they need to start their own projects.


Productive Units


Through the community development Centres spread throughout the Kingdom, a number of productive units are made available. These units work in the fields of porcelain, pottery, present production, and food products through the productive kitchen and the industrial sewing units.


Marketing the Products of Productive Families


The national project for the development of productive families provides a number of services in the fields of product promotion and marketing through organizing an annual market for the products of these families, in addition to allow the productive families to showcase their products in exhibitions and markets that take place in the Kingdom and abroad. Also, the Ministry, in cooperation with a number of malls, provides places for the families’ products in these malls on temporary or permanent basis.


Furthermore, a permanent place for the families was opened at Bahrain International Airport in order to become a Centre for promoting families’ products for the Kingdom’s visitors and departing people.


Design and Innovation Centre


The Ministry of Labour & Social Development is currently seeking to open up a design and innovation unit for the productive families in the Capital Mall in order to develop their ideas and products. One of the cases of successful productive families’ projects is the “Al Raha Factory’


Registration and Licensing of Productive Families


The productive families can be registered by completing the “Productive Home” registration form that can be obtained from the Childhood and Family Development Department, or from any community Centre.


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