Committee for Evaluating Victims of Human Trafficking



A committee was formed to assess the status of foreigners who are victims of trafficking in persons under the Ministerial Decree No. 30 of 2008.



Victims of Human Trafficking Law

Contact the Committee via:

Hotline: 80008001

Or call:17873664 - 17873721


Powers of the Committee:

  1. Eliminate any obstacles a foreign victim may face and which may prevent him from getting a job if it is found that he needs to work. This is based on what is reported to the Chairman of the Committee by the competent authority in this regard.
  2. Coordinate with the Ministry of Interior to return the victim to his native country which he holds the nationality thereof, or to any place of residence in any other state whenever he requests so.
  3. Make a recommendation as to whether it is required to keep the victim in the Kingdom and settle his legal conditions to enable him to find work. Such recommendation is to be submitted to the Minister of Interior for approval and in case of approval, such recommendation, should be subject to review by following the same procedures every six months as maximum. The Committee has the right to examine all the reports related to the victim, and to hear his or his legal representative’s statement.



































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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