“Dar Al Karama” Homeless and Beggars Shelter


"Dar Al Karama" Social Care for taking care of beggars and homeless, as it is a governmental social institution affiliated to the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, Department of Social Welfare. It is concerned with the provision of care and different services for the first-time beggars and homeless people.


“Dar Al Karama” Social Care

Homeless and Beggars Shelter Law (5) of 2007



Department of Social Welfare

“Dar Al Karama” Homeless and Beggars Shelter

Phone: 17490225 - Fax: 17490233





  1. Contribute to combating begging and homelessness in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  2. Receiving beggars and homeless people of both genders who were caught during begging.
  3. Providing social, health, psychological, and living care to cases during their stay.
  4. Implementing different programs that help beggars and homeless people to abandon practicing begging and homelessness.
  5. Coordination with the concerned bodies to transfer to them the cases of beggars and homeless people whose circumstances require benefiting from the services offered by such bodies
  6. Strengthening the tie between the beggar/homeless person and his family, and work on providing financial and moral care to help him not to return to begging.
  7. Working on intensifying the guidance and direction programs to reduce and eliminate begging and homelessness. This can be achieved by utilizing different means of communication.
  8. Collaborating with the concerned authorities to follow up and monitor the cases of begging and homelessness, and pursue them up to limit their spread.


Programs and Services:


The Home provides the following programs and services:

-    Healthcare.
-    Social Welfare.
-    Psychological care.
-    Educational care.
-    Living care
-    Entertainment and educational programs.
-    Legal advice.


Admission Conditions:


The followings conditions must be met in order to admit a beggar to the Home:

  1. The beggar should be Bahraini national or one of the residents in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  2. The beggar Should be caught practicing begging or homelessness for the first time.
  3. The beggar should be free from any contagious diseases or mental disorders.
  4. There is an order issued by the Public Prosecution to house the beggar or homeless person at the Home.


Admission Procedures:

When the beggar or homeless person is transferred to the Home for the first time, the following procedures should be followed:

  1. To place the beggar or homeless person who is caught by the competent bodied after being presented before the Public Prosecution, an order is issued to place him in the Home, and his name is registered in the special register.
  2. To open up a file for each beggar or homeless person.
  3. To contact the family of the mendicant or vagrant and notify them about the situation in order to cooperate with them in this matter.
  4. To conduct a comprehensive medical examination.
  5. To conduct a social research to determine and identify the reasons and factors that led him to practice begging or homelessness, in order to take the measures that suit the circumstances of each case.
  6. To submit a detailed report about the social status of the beggar or homeless person to the public prosecution to decide whatever it sees fit for the case, before the expiry of the period specified for his deposit.





























































































































































































































































































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