Productive Families Support Centres




List of Productive Families Registered in the Ministry of Labour & Social Development



There are many factors assisting the establishment of a social contract for development in Bahrain to represent a national strategy. To that end, we must work to achieve a number of objectives to serve productive families in the Kingdom and enable them to live as productive players in the community in light of the contemporary challenges in our ever-changing world.


  1. Make Bahrain a Centre of excellence for productive families and traditional and developed industries.
  2. Develop community by supporting work and production, and transforming from assistance to active participation in the national economy.
  3. Increase the number of productive families, spread the concept of self-employment, and develop the spirit of entrepreneurship.
  4. Increase the base of NGOs that provide services to productive families and handicrafts.
  5. Maximize the concept of development in partnership with the private sector, and shift from donation to sponsorship.
  6. Support and develop traditional industries and protect them from extinction.
  7. Increase the effectiveness of services through coordination between the Ministry and institutions dealing with productive families.
  8. Develop the infrastructure and provide a legal cover for productive families’ projects.


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