AlSayah Center for Productive Families


AlSayah Center for Productive Families was opened in 2012, at the Al-Muharraq Social Center close to the Central Market. The center has stand-alone shopping cart, and there are also several product show room that include shelves to place products on it in a way that attracts the visitor who comes to AlSayah Center for Productive Families.


The productive families are met and given some courses and workshops that help to raise their qualifications and skills to develop their products in conformity with the standard of living.


AlSayah Center for Productive Families was officially reopened in a new form at the Al-Muharraq Social Center in Busaiteen, by H.E. Mr. Jameel Bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, the Ministry of Labour and Social Development during 2017.


Our services


The administrative services provided for disabled people are diverse in the following area:

  1.  Academic, professional and therapeutic rehabilitation.
  2. Permanent and temporary care and accommodation.
  3. Psychological and professional Diagnostic and evaluation.
  4. Training and employment.
  5. Physical and functional therapy.
  6. Community partnership
  7. Provide Academic qualification.
  8. The competent centers Licensing and publicizing.
  9. Identification cards Issuing.
  10. Mobile units.
  11. Craftsmanship programs.
  12. Providing prosthetic devices
  13. determination Committee in disability appropriation







































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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