Sitra Centre for Productive Families





In light of the Ministry of Labour & Social Development’s plans to promote the services provided to productive families, prepare the relative infrastructure, and help them integrate into the labour market through the provision of material and moral support, Sitra Centre for Productive Families was established in 2006. It is a specialized complex that aims to develop home crafts by providing a healthy and convenient place, helping productive families to market their food products, provide a place that accommodates the largest number of productive families, and prove the ability of Bahraini women to produce and innovate, which helps them to engage in the labour market and become an active producer.


The complex contains workshops for manufacturing and packaging dry food stuff, such as spices, coffee and flour, in addition to pickles and cheese. It also contains storage rooms, and an area for loading and unloading goods.


Location on Google Maps: Sitra Centre for Productive Families




Building 567 - Road 519 – Complex 605


Phone: 17102345 - Fax: 17730168






































































































































































































































































































































































































































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