Family Bank



The Family Bank was established as an Islamic bank for microfinance operating in line of with the directions of empowering individuals, and launching their potential and improving their living standards. It was also established to activate the National Economic Strategy 2030 and its execution program (2009-2014), including the initiative of developing the middle class, empowering social assistance beneficiaries, and facilitating entrepreneurship. The Family Bank attempts to complement the services system provided by the Bahraini government and bodies supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises.


There are real life stories of success for individuals who have taken the initiative and founded projects that have a positive effect on their lives (click here). There are initiatives that have been launched concurrently with the launch of Family Bank as the first Islamic microfinance bank in the Arab region and which completes the march of the Ministry of Social Development in strengthening the social security network and enabling individuals and families with limited income to develop ways of winning livelihood and increasing their income. The Ministry and its partners have set their eyes towards achieving this goal, and harnessed all means of success to ensure the greatest performance and success of the Family Bank in serving the community.


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