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About Home Based Businesses Program (Khatwa)  

The Step Program is an extension of the Productive Families Project fostered by the Ministry of Labour & Social Development through the development of new productive families, advanced training programs, marketing Centres, and project supportive Centres.


The Project offers work opportunities that attract young and unemployed people as well as the Bahraini women wishing to be economically empowered. It also raises family’s income and represents a flexible field of work for the elderly and retirees.



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  1. Categories that have a certain skill: The Home-Based Businesses Program attracts the categories that are willing to work from home. It enables them to master a particular profession that falls within the professions with respect to which the Commercial Register Law does not apply and can be exercised from home.
  2. Categories that do not have a certain skill and want to increase their income: These categories can get specific training in several areas through community Centres. These 3-month programs cover the following areas:
  3. Hairdressing and makeup program
  4. Women's sewing and tailoring program
  5. Handicrafts program: drawing on glass, candles manufacturing, incense manufacturing, crochet, Alsmuk, and gift wrapping
  6. Porcelain
  7. Home farming
  8. Computer
  9. Cooking
  10. Abayas tailoring
  11. Decoupage
  12. Toys manufacturing


Registration in the Project:


You can register in the Home-Based Businesses Project by filling in the Productive Families Form. After registering the family in the project, a written message along with a completed Home-Based Businesses Form should be submitted. These forms can be found in all the community Centres, Capital Mall for Bahraini Handmade Products, Sitra Centre for Productive Families and Al Saya Centre for Bahraini Handmade products.


Project Supportive Centres:

  • Design and Innovation Centre: It is specialized in developing products by productive families and innovating new marketable products. The Centre is located in the Capital Mall for Bahraini Handmade Products.
  • Centre of Excellence for Productive Families: It specializes in providing training and qualification consulting for entering the market under the umbrella of entrepreneurship.
  • Capital Mall for Bahraini Handmade Products: The Mall provides a place for supportive Centres and a marketing space for productive families to market their products based on certain criteria topped by product quality and marketability.
  • Sitra Centre for Productive Families: It specializes in foodstuffs, such as spices, pickles, and cheese. The Centre offers counselling and technical support in marketing techniques and following up procedures with the competent authorities such as the Ministry of Health regarding the products which are packaged and promoted through the Centre.
  • Al Saya Centre for Bahraini Handmade products: It offers advanced training programs for productive families, as well as marketing opportunities.
  • Airport Store: It was opened in 2008 in order to create marketing opportunities for the productive families making excellent products that are marketable outside the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • Bab Al Bahrain (House of Khous and Barroy): The shop was opened in 2009 with a view to market and promote of the products of families.


For more information, please contact the following numbers:

Capital Mall: 17102369

Sitra Centre for Productive Families: 17102345

Hotline Services 80008001



















































































































































































































































































































































































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