Financial Support



Financial support basically is a direct government financial support for persons with limited income, to alleviate the burdens in the citizen live in accordance with the limited standards.

The Ministry of Labour and social development has been tasked to supervise the disbursement process in collaboration with E-government authority and the central information agency and number of competent bodies participates in this project.


Registration is applicable throw submitting a request to the registration and social services throughout all social centers, distribute in all Kingdom of Bahrain’s governorates


  • Conditions and criteria:
  • The applicant nationality must be Bahraini.
  • The applicant must be ahead of family.
  • The applicant must be a permanent resident on the Kingdom of Bahrain’s soil.
  • The head of family total monthly earning must not be more than 1000 BD (Bahraini dinars).
  • The entire real estate is not taken into account, but it included under the head of family total income.

It is permitted to have one commercial registration of one branch under the following criteria:
     - The employees must not be more than 10.
     - The total employees’ salaries not exceeding than 1000 BD (Bahraini dinars).


Documents Required:


  1. The applicant’s Valid identity card
  2. The applicant’s original bank statement, including the international bank account number.
  3. The divorce decree and the custody agreement in case of a divorce.
  4. Provision of transaction number/entity’s number, amount of income statement from the office of documentation, only for holder of business register
  5. The salary certificate or pension statement must be obtaining in case the applicant uncertain of his registered amount of income in general Organization for Social Insurance.


  • All requests are recorded into the electronic system, by the community center social workers. The request considered as accepted in case the all pre-registered data in government agencies are updated.
  • The designated amount is deposited into the beneficiary's account, by the 30th of each month, at all local banks.













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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