Social Development Centres


The social development centre is the main facility established by the Ministry of Labour and Social Development to provide its services and implement its policies in the areas of welfare and social development in local communities. It is the mini-facility representing the Ministry and includes the most important branches of its departments and divisions that are directly related to broad segments of the beneficiary groups or who are targeted to benefit from the services and activities of the social cnter.

Since 1978, community centers have started to appear in line. The Ministry of Labour and Social Development continued to establish many community centers until 2008, which at present have reached nine centers distributed all over the governorates of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Currently, the Jidhafs Social Center is undergoing maintenance and is scheduled to open in February 2019. Abdulla Bin Yousif Fakhro Community Center is considered one of the new centers that was opened in 2014.


Social Development Centers

Muharraq Governorate


Ibn Kaldoon Community Centre


Muharraq Community Centre

Capital Governorate


Manama Community Centre


Jidhafs Community Centre


Sitra Community Centre

Northern Governorate


Hammad Town Community Centre

Southen Governorate


Abdulla Bin Yousif Fakhro Community Centre


Isa Town Community Centre


Riffa Community Centre








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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