Objectives of the Social Development Centres



The Ministry of Labour and Social Development seeks, through its centers, to achieve the following objectives:


  1. Upgrading the level of social development support provided to all segments of society.
  2. Facilitating citizens' access to the various services provided by the ministry.
  3. Achieving community partnership with civil society institutions, the private sector, and community activities through the establishment of joint projects and programs and activities.
  4. Encouraging the role of volunteering to serve the community.
  5. Carrying out workshops and training activities in the social fields.
  6. Monitoring and addressing social problems.
  7. Developing human resources in local communities and raising their productive capabilities by providing development, training and rehabilitation programs.
  8. Preserving customs, traditions and values by reviving traditional events and introducing them to the younger generation.
  9. Enhancing the spirit of community cohesion in the Kingdom of Bahrain through its development programs and projects to achieve social security.
  10. Spreading cultural awareness through the intensification of courses, workshops, awareness campaigns, and purposeful family programs.
  11. The economic and social empowerment of individuals and families with limited income









































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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