Hamad Town Social Development Center

The Social Development Center's Name:

Hamad Town Social Development Center

Inauguration Year: 1992
Governorate: Northern Governorate


Building 2136 Road 433 Block 1204، Hamad Town

Telephone no.: 17107444 - 17102311- 17102313 Fax: 17102393

Official Working Hours:

From Sunday to Thursday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Location on Google Maps:

Hamad Town Social Development Center

Hamad Town Employment & Training Center




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Beneficiaries satisfaction survey form on servicesat Hamad Town social center


Waiting times for visitors:

The center is open to receive visitors from 7a.m. to 2p.m., except for the SocialAssistance Department.

The time taken to provide services at the center as follows:



1. Social assistance service: 5-10 minutes.



2.    Social Research Service: 10 - 15 minutes.

3.    Registration of Training Courses: 5-10 minutes

About Hamad Town Social Development Center:


The Hamad Town Social Development Center was established by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to deliver its services and implement its policies in the areas of welfare and social development in local communities. It is considered a mini-enterprise represented by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development that includes the most important branches of its administration and its divisions that are directly related to broad segments of the beneficiary groups or those targeted to benefit from the services and activities of the center.


Services by Hamad Town Social Development Center:


This center is considered one of the comprehensive social centers, as it provides development and care services and programs to citizens in the regions and villages it covers. Among the most important of these services are the following:

1.    Providing cultural, educational and social events, activities and programs that contribute to achieving national unity among all segments of the same society.

2.    Social assistance service: Social Security, financial support, disability allowance, housing fire compensation, reduction of electricity and water charges, cash compensation for meat, provision of aids and prosthetic devices.

3.    Family Counselling Service: through which psychological services and family counselling are provided to all individuals in society through the adoption of preventive – therapeutic - development approaches, in order to reach stability and continuity of the family.

4.    Family development programs: a set of training courses and productive units are implemented through the social centers that work to develop theoretical and practical skills and experiences, and contribute to the acquisition of new practices, the development of previous skills, and open horizons for them in the labour market that enable them to increase their personal income.

5.    Children and youth development programs: a number of activities and scientific and practical programs are implemented through social centers, which are offered in the morning and evening periods.

6.    Providing family services for families that have issues between their members (such as accommodating the divorcees' children) and providing the necessary facilities for communication between children and parents and accommodating them at the social centers, in a suitable safe environment.

7.    Implementation of a number of social and cultural events, programs and activities with local community institutions, in order to achieve the principle of community partnership and to achieve necessary and important goals for groups of society.

8.    Celebrating local, Arab and international events

9.    Achieve social well-being and security of citizens and strengthen the role of the family in society and overcome all difficulties to achieve the objectives of the community partnership.








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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